How is Adam Vinatieri So Clutch? "Soulless" on Game-Winners

Just another day at the office for Adam Vinatieri...

ATLANTA --- Adam Vinatieri's 26th career game-winning field goal was the perfect ending to one of the best kickers of all-time becoming just the 10th player in NFL history to play in 300 games.

Vinatieri's 43-yard field goal gave the Colts a 24-21 win, after Indianapolis trailed by 14 points in the 2nd half. The Colts improved to 24-7 in games decided by one possession or less since 2012, as well, leading the NFL in that span. Just another day at the office for the 42-year-old playing in his 20th NFL season...

"Guy's wearing Depends and just knocking home game-winners every week. It's incredible to watch him," joked punter and holder Pat McAfee after the game. "Before every kick, I ask him if he's ready. Every other time except for when it's a game-winner, he goes, 'Yeah, buddy.' When it's a game-winner, I turn back, and he just looks like a soulless man back there ready to just make it happen."

Add the line 'Clutch Football Zombie' to Adam Vinatieri's illustrious resume.

"He's told me that a couple times. I can't confirm nor deny it, I guess," said Vinatieri of McAfee's pre-snap, game-winner observations. "I guess I just focus in a little bit. I know I give him a little nod, because he doesn't turn his head until I give him at least some sort of acknowledgement."

Vinatieri gave credit to McAfee as the holder, Matt Overton as the long-snapper, and the rest of the field goal unit, as he played such a big role in career game number 300.

"It doesn't seem like it's been that long, but I guess when you put 20 years together, I guess it starts to add up," said Vinatieri. "I've just been so blessed to play with these great guys in this locker room. Every year it's a different group of guys, but I've been really blessed to be on such a great organization here."

After coming up clutch yet again for his teammates, the feeling most certainly must be mutual.

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