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How Does Andre Johnson Envision His Role With The Colts?

Intro: Andre Johnson’s role in Indianapolis extends past the 60 minutes on the field each week.





INDIANAPOLIS – When an offense finishes a year re-writing so many franchise records, there are hardly any "subpar" areas to focus on heading into the offseason.

The Colts last act in the 2014 season showed that reinforcements were needed though in a couple of particular spots.

Andre Johnson feels as though he can fortify one of those necessary improvements.

Entering his fourth NFL season, T.Y. Hilton is going to be the top Colts focal point of every defensive coordinator in 2015.

Johnson, and his 6-3, 220-pound frame, knows right where he can fit in opposite Hilton.

"Just a big receiver, a big body receiver, that you could probably use in the red zone and stuff like that and help T.Y. out where guys can't double him," Johnson said envisioning his role, one he won't know for sure until offseason activities get underway on April 20.

"I'm just here to help. I'm not here to be no big dog, nothing like that. I'm here to help this organization win a Super Bowl. That's my goal."

In seeing the Colts twice a season throughout his 12-year NFL career, Johnson has a pretty good grasp of the offense he's about to immerse himself in.

It's Hilton, a fellow Miami native, who has really caught the eye of Johnson.

"Every time we (Houston) played against the Colts, T.Y. seemed to kill us (Texans)," Johnson said last week.

"I'm a fan of his game. I always watch other receivers. I've seen him grow as a player. I just talked to him not too long ago. I'm excited. He's excited."

It's an "explosive" receiver group, according to Johnson, and like he said earlier, his presence in the red zone will be welcomed.

Moving the ball up and down the field last year for the Colts was hardly impeded. However, injuries to the likes of Dwayne Allen and Ahmad Bradshaw took away two key red zone threats late in the season.

A player with the frame and pedigree of Johnson appears to be the ideal target when the field begins to shrink, complementing his speedy pass catching teammates.

Inside that receiver room, Johnson will also be the elder statesman by nearly 10 years.

With Hilton (25 years old), Duron Carter (23) and Donte Moncrief (21), it's the 33-year old Johnson who knows that what he will be asked to do in Indianapolis extends past the white lines.

"I don't have a problem pulling a young guy to the side if he does something wrong. I don't have a problem with a young guy telling me something," Johnson said.

"That's what makes players great, when you can take constructive criticism. When you are able to critique each other. It makes the whole room better. That's what I'm going to try and bring here."

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