Houston Now In AFC South Control With Three Teams Still In Contention

Intro: The 2015 NFL season is 15 weeks old. What does the AFC South look like after Week 15?


INDIANAPOLIS – For the first time since 2012, the Houston Texans have AFC South control in the month of December.[

HERE ARE THE PLAYOFF SCENARIOS FOR THE AFC SOUTH WITH TWO WEEKS LEFT](http://www.colts.com/news/article-1/How-Can-The-Colts-Make-The-Playoffs/6b1c29bc-ff28-4a20-a985-e062ca9151cc)

While Houston is the definite favorite, the Colts still have a chance to win the division.

Jacksonville is also in contention, but they need to win out and get some major, major help from the Texans and Colts in order to win the AFC South at 7-9.

AFC South through Week 15:

1. Houston (7-7, 3-1 in the division)

Remaining Schedule: @Titans, Jaguars

2. Indianapolis (6-8, 3-2 in the division)

Remaining Schedule: @Dolphins, Titans

3. Jacksonville (5-9, 2-3 in the division)

Remaining Schedule: @Saints, @Texans

4. Tennessee (3-11, 1-3 in the division)

Remaining Schedule: Texans, @Colts

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