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Horseshoe at High Noon, Sergio Brown

At the crack of noon each practice day in training camp, catches up with a player. Today – Sergio Brown.





ANDERSON – Sergio Brown is starting his third year with the Colts.  With training camp underway, catches up with him.

Are you approaching this camp differently than any other in the past – I feel a much greater sense of opportunity this year.  I came back and am ready, ready to run around, focus on this year and to help this team be better and capitalize on opportunities.  

How would you characterize last season– It was a great season.  We didn't accomplish all the goals we wanted to, but we had a pretty good year.  I'm at peace with it.  Personally, I feel like I did a great job.  There is a lot of opportunity to do more.  There were some things we could have done better, but I'm pleased with my performance last year.


Looking back to last year what sticks out to you and what do you think you have to do better** – Less missed tackles, or more made tackles – however you want to put it.  I feel like I was in positions where I could make the play or help (influence) it, but I didn't finish all the way with tackling.  I forced runners and returners to the correct spot.  I did my job, but I feel like I need to take another step and capitalize and finish all the way.

Are you the kind of player who always feels he can be better – Yeah, there's always something you can do.  There is no such thing as being perfect.  I like to look at it that way.  If there is more I can do, I always want the chance to do it.


How would you describe your mindset for special teams** – I look at special teams as an opportunity.  Every time I step on a football field, I feel like there are opportunities to make a play or do something to change a game.  I always want to be a game-changer type of individual.  If my opportunities are limited to special teams, I'm going to have to make those snaps count that much more.

Do you sense a real chance to contribute in the secondary – I really do sense a chance.  I'm real excited coming into this year.  I'm preparing like I'm out there.  I really believe it's a heck of an opportunity, and I can't wait to see what happens.

What makes Chuck Pagano such a fun coach to play for – He's a great coach, a great person.  He has a great personality.  He's real player-friendly.  He makes this more fun than job.  He's like one of the guys.  We can talk to him about anything, talk to him in more relaxed ways.  We're able to understand each other.  We're always at the same level.

Do you like coaches who achieve things with sugar rather than vinegar – I really do.  I've had both sides to it.  I really love the approach he (Pagano) has.


Most fun thing I did during the summer** – I spent a little over two weeks in Spain.  I traveled to Madrid, Barcelona and Ibeza, an island right off Spain.  My best friend plays basketball for Barcelona, and they ended up winning the Spanish League title.  I was over there to catch the finals.  I met with Gosder Cherilus on his birthday.  He happened to be in Spain, too.  We met in Ibeza and had a couple of fun days.  I never had been to Europe before.  I loved it.  It was a great experience.  I definitely have to get back next off-season.

Teammate I expect to have a great camp and why – I expect Josh Chapman to have a real good camp.  Josh, D'Qwell Jackson and T.Y. Hilton.  I want to see what T.Y. is going to do this year.  He always impresses me, so I want to see what he's going to do.

Toughest thing about training camp and the most fun thing – The toughest thing is having to look a big, 300-pound, sweaty guys every day and you don't get to see women (smiles).  The toughest thing is it's hot and you're running around.  You get tired.  That's the toughest part, but it's also the most fun.  You're out here with your boys, and you really get to see what people are made of.  You really get to bond as teammates and friends when you're facing those tough things.

What you know now about training camp that you didn't as a rookie – Pace yourself.  You have to get through to the end.  You have to take care of your body.  It's not a sprint.  We have a goal we're trying to achieve.  As you get older, you understand that more and you're able to pace yourself toward that.

In the dining hall, do you eat with position buddies, or do you branch out– I like to branch out.  Adam Vinatieri, every time I eat with him I'm asking him things.  I like to travel, and he's been everywhere and done everything.  It's always a bunch of good stories when I'm talking to him.  There's a lot of value in branching out.  It makes for better teammates when everyone gets to hang out with each other and knows each other better, not just at your position (group).

Who was the NFL player you wanted to meet the most before you made the league and why – Deion Sanders, Prime-Time.  He was a superstar when I was growing up.  He was flashy, making plays, talking smack, backing it up.  He was 'The Man.'  Every time the ball was in the air it was, 'Oh, what's Deion going to do?'  He got you on the edge of your seat every time.

Do you have a favorite quote?  If so, who did you hear it from and why does it mean something to you – Carpe Diem.  It's seizing the moment, putting little faith in the future and using opportunity you have to take advantage of everything to create your future.  Either that or, 'If you're not living life on the edge, you're taking up too much space.'  I have no idea (where that came from).  I think I made it up, to tell you the truth (laughs).

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