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Horseshoe at High Noon

At the crack of noon each practice day in training camp, find out what is on the mind of a Colts player. Today – Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky.


ANDERSON – Greg Manusky is starting his second year with the Colts.  With training camp underway, catches up with him.

What is your favorite road stadium to play in and why – Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium is my favorite because of the energy and excitement that the fans and stadium holds.  Since playing there for six years, it's great to get back and see some old friends and play in a stadium that was built in 1972 but has a new stadium feel.

What is your most memorable Colts game and why* *From last year I would have to say Green Bay.  It was a tale of two cities.  The first half, we played as individuals and then in the second half we played together as a team.  When Jerraud Powers intercepted that back shoulder fade in the third quarter, it turned the game around.  It turned bad into good.


What is the most memorable game of your coaching career and why **I don't really have one.  I've played in a lot and coached in a lot of games, and I would have to say all the ones that we WON are my most memorable.  People don't know how hard it is to win in this league and do it consistently.

What is your most memorable road win* *It was the game last year in Detroit.  Again, it was another team victory.  The way the game went back and forth was fun.  Robert Mathis had his first interception.  Andrew Luck's performance down the stretch was very good.  The defense stepped up and stopped them on a third-and-four to help the comeback, just a number of things that allowed a team that didn't stop fighting to win.  It was a great feeling after the game.


What is the hardest thing about playing on the road** – The hardest things are the distractions, and there are so many to contend with.  From getting on a plane, not sleeping in your own bed, to waking up at a different time makes it hard to win on the road.  However with all that, it still comes down to tackling, covering and chewing bubble and kicking tail, and we are all out of bubble gum.

What is the most fun thing about training camp – Sleep is the most fun thing about camp.

What is the toughest thing about training camp – Not having a lot of sleep with the hours we work.

If you could pick three people to share a meal with, who would they be and why would you include them – My dad, Frank, for just one more time to say, "Thanks, and I Love Ya."  My wife's dad, Vance Mehlenbacher.  He passed before I got to meet him.  The third is Robert De Niro.  He's just a great actor, and I would love to shoot the breeze with him.

If you could pick one historical figure to meet, who would it be – It would be Abraham Lincoln.  I just saw the movie.  He was a great man, a great leader, and he did it in a very significant time in our nation's history.

When was the loudest you heard Lucas Oil Stadium and what circumstance made it that way – It was when I was on an opposing team in 2009, San Francisco.  We played a very close game with the Colts and Joseph Addai hit Reggie Wayne on a touchdown pass in the fourth quarter for what ended up as the winning score.  We defensed a good offense all day and, dang it, Addai, you're not a QB.  The crowd loved it.

What are the most memorable stadiums your career has taken you to and why are they memorable – Seattle's new place, CenturyLink Field, is as loud as ----!  RFK in Washington, D.C. back in the day it was rocking.  In Cleveland's old place, Municipal Stadium, the visiting locker room was like a closet, cold-water showers and nail to hang your clothes on.

What is your all-time favorite stadium (not necessarily in the NFL) and why – It's Lucas Oil Stadium.  It's awesome.  My family loves it and so do I.

What is the greatest sporting event or individual performance outside the NFL that you saw in person – My son, Colton, breaking the Zionsville High School's 27-year old pole vault record of 14 feet.

What was your favorite team growing up and why – The Philadelphia Eagles, because that's the only games we got to watch on TV.  We only had one channel (22) growing up.

Who was your favorite NFL player growing up and why – It may sound strange, but I didn't have one.

Do you have a favorite quote?  If so, what is it and why does it mean something to you – I like, 'God has a Plan.'  It might not be your plan, but He has it covered.

Who played the biggest role in you starting your career – Tony Dungy played the biggest role for me.  He got me into coaching.

Who played the biggest role in you reaching the NFL (if different than above) – It was Green Bay's Mark Murphy.  He got me a chance to try out with the Washington Redskins after not getting taken in the 1988 draft.  It hurt not getting drafted, but it gave me a chance to pick a team in free agency.  It allowed me to go to Washington, which was a great thing for my career.

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