ANDERSON – Growing up in Indianapolis, Devin Moore attended Cardinal Ritter High School on the west side of the city.


As a senior, the Indianapolis Star named him the top running back in the state, but throughout high school he used his talents to excel at other sports as well.

"Track was actually my mom's first love," said Moore. "She loved to see me run track. Growing up she was a good track runner so I pursued it a little bit and noticed that I was kind of good at it, so I stayed with it. I seemed to excel and made state (championships) all four years."

However, Moore had known since the sixth grade that he wanted to be a professional football player. Growing up he tried to emulate some of the best players in the league, which helped him get his start.

"I used to watch Barry Sanders. He was my idol," said Moore. "I used to see some of the things he would do on the field and try to mimic him on the streets when we used to play football."

And all that practice paid off after he was recruited by Wyoming University. He decided to be a Cowboy.

He played in 45 career games, recorded 15 rushing touchdowns and fell just shy of 1,000 rushing yards (965) his senior year. But Moore was not one to simply sit back and bank on an NFL career.

He graduated with a degree in business administration and while he did get an NFL break, he stresses to young kids that (these days) school is the way to go.

"Whether you become a football player or basketball player or lawyer or doctor, I think staying in school and getting good grades is the key to fulfilling your dreams," said Moore.

And Moore practices what he preaches. The Indianapolis native takes his role in the community very seriously.

This summer during the lockout, Moore spent his free time putting on his first-ever football camp to motivate kids to put down the video games and get physically active.

About 100 kids came out to practice with Moore and his many volunteers, which included his Ritter High School football coach, Jim Boswell, and Colts wide receiver Blair White.

But football skills and drills weren't the only thing being taught at camp. Moore stressed the importance of a getting a good education and good grades. He even handed out prizes for every 'A' a child could show they received on their last report card.

"I just kind of wish that when I was younger I would have had the opportunity to do the same thing, and I'm just trying to bring that to the people of Indianapolis now," said Moore.

Now he says its time to give back to Colts fans – on the field. Fans didn't get to see Moore live up to his full potential last season. He suffered a neck injury during a kickoff return only four games into the season and was placed on injured reserve.

About a year later, he says he is ready to get back in the action.

"I feel 110 percent," said Moore. "I definitely feel healthy. I'm ready to show the coaches. In my first preseason game hopefully I get a few carries. I'm ready to show them that, 'Yeah, I'm back and I'm ready to last 16 games for sure.' "

In training camp at Anderson University, he'll get another chance to make an impression, but the stakes are high and the competition is tough.

The Colts brought in two more running backs, Chad Spann and Darren Evans. Both are also Indiana natives, and Moore says no one's going down without a fight.

"My hat's off to them, but at the same time, like I said, it's a competition, so of course I'm going to try and find an edge every time."

And the feeling is mutual. Darren Evans says he's also ready grab that edge.

"Hopefully, I will be able to bring something a little bit different to the group, because I am a bigger guy who Coach (Caldwell) can use in short-yardage situations. I can run the ball and pass block well."

All three guys will get to showcase their talents next week when the Colts head to St. Louis for the first preseason game.

What should fans expect to see from Moore come preseason?

"A lot of hard work, a lot of hard running, a lot of good moves on the field," said Moore. "I will say I do plan on taking less hits so I will be bringing my A-game, and that includes shake moves."

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