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"Game Of Thrones" And Football Chat With Andrew Luck

Intro: Last week, Andrew Luck joined “The Ringer” for a podcast discussing his new book club, the “Game of Thrones” craze and some football talk.


INDIANAPOLIS – Want some book advice, pop culture thoughts and (of course) football talk with Andrew Luck?

Well, you've come to the right spot.

Last week, Andrew Luck joined Kevin Clark of "The Ringer" for an all-encompassing podcast.

Luck talked his "Mount Rushmore" of sports books, the "Game of Thrones" craze and how the first half of the offseason program has gone for the fifth-year pro.

  • On his Mount Rushmore of sports books: "Seabiscuit, Boys in the Boat, Unbroken, Chip Hilton Series, Sidelined (Chuck Pagano's book), Paper Lion."
  • On why he enjoys those types of sports books:"A lot of these books are fascinating because I think you have an insight into American History that isn't textbook-ee. It uses sports to help set a lot of the scenes, but it's fascinating to see how sports have grown and how sports have changed and how things have stayed the same."
  • Best movie version of a book:Life of Pie.
  • Worst movie version of a book:Harry Potter. "The books were too good for a movie to stand up to it."
  • On which author would write the story of Andrew Luck:"I don't think that story is worth writing (laughs). Bernard Cornwell is my favorite author, so probably him."
  • On "Game of Thrones":"I actually don't watch "Game of Thrones." Of course, I read the books and have seen a couple of episodes and they are fantastic. But, as I understand, the shows have sort of passed the books now, so I'm trying to stay away from anybody talking about the show, especially Dwayne Allen. (He) talks about them a lot. Got to stay away from him on that conversation."
  • On his Twitter account for the "Andrew Luck Book Club": "It's been good. It's been fun. Good seeing folks excited about reading. Whether it's one person, 10 or a 100, maybe it gets one person excited, and that seems to be the case. Seeing teachers talk about their kids getting excited about reading, that's certainly gratifying. I've heard the horror stories of social media and Twitter from fans and teammates, but I haven't experienced anything negative yet."
  • On people making memes involving Luck, particularly Civil War memes:"(Laughs) I have been shown that before. Some good art by whoever that is. I think it's just part of being a quarterback in the 21st Century. There's a little more written about you than you'd like."
  • On his health: "Yeah, full go. Feel great. We've had four weeks now of official offseason activity. It's been great."
  • On the vibe around the Colts this season:"The vibe is great. It's a great building to work in, great people, players, staff, coaches, trainers. It's a fun place to play football. It's a great town and a great city to be a professional athlete. The support is fantastic. A really good vibe."
  • On analyzing his 2015 season:"There were definitely some parts that I feel like I regressed in and didn't improve. Then there's obviously some parts where I felt like I got better in. At the end of the day, it's about winning and how do you win. It's about eliminating turnovers, putting points on the board and that's something I didn't do a good enough job in. So focusing on that and learning a new offense with (Rob) Chudzinski as the coordinator and a new quarterbacks coach with (Brian) Schottenheimer. It's a learning process, but that's what the offseason is for."
  • On a new purchase he will make after signing his next contract:"Maybe like a robot ping pong thing that can hit balls back at you. My buddy swears by it."

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