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Fantasy Football Friday: Colts/Pats Projected Final Score (& Fantasy Playoff Prep)

If Fantasy's projections are accurate, Colts vs. Patriots on Sunday night will be #FANTASYGOLD!

INDIANAPOLIS --- The experts and analysts are calling for Sunday night's game between the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots to be the highest scoring game of week 11. Both teams are top-3 in the league in scoring, with the Colts #1 averaging 32.2 points per game and the Patriots averaging 31.2 points per game.

As fantasy owners, we are slaves to statistics and trends and must avoid recency bias. Therefore, it's probably a good idea to get these players in your lineup. Here's how fantasy ranks the players' projected point totals in this marquee match-up (½ pt PPR to split the difference between standard scoring and full PPR leagues):

Andrew Luck - 20.52 pts

Tom Brady - 20.08 pts

T.Y. Hilton - 17 pts

Rob Gronkowski - 16.5 pts

Ahmad Bradshaw - 16.4 pts

Reggie Wayne - 15.6 pts

Brandon LaFell - 15.1 pts

Shane Vereen - 15 pts

Stephen Gostkowski - 12 pts

Julian Edelman - 11.7 pts

Dwayne Allen - 11.1 pts

Trent Richardson - 9 pts

Hakeem Nicks - 8.9 pts

Adam Vinatieri - 8 pts

Donte Moncrief - 7.2 pts

Coby Fleener - 5.5 pts

Danny Amendola - 5.1 pts

(Not going to list defensive projections, because it's probably best to find another option, unless you have no other options)

11 players to score in double digits?! FANTASY GOLD!

The above projections are specifically calling for 7 touchdowns to be scored in this game. If you add up those touchdowns with the field goals, fantasy projects 57 total points on Sunday night and a 34-30 Colts win. Does that mean much in real life football? Probably not, but for fantasy purposes, it means START YOUR COLTS AND PATRIOTS!


Preparing for the Fantasy Playoffs

Roughly half of our readership will make it to the fantasy postseason, which is three weeks away beginning week 14. Some of your trade deadlines have passed, but if they have not, remember three important things:

If you are assured a playoff spot, start looking for ideal matchups in the playoff weeks (grab the best match-ups for fantasy defenses, for example)

If you need to keep winning to get in, you DO NOT have the luxury of stashing players who you think will finish the year strong (Charles Sims, Josh Gordon, Adrian Peterson, for example). You must WIN NOW.  

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