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Fantasy Football: Colts Mock Draft 2.0

Where the experts have been taking the Colts weapons in recent weeks...

INDIANAPOLIS --- Colts fans, I know many of you want as many players from your favorite team on your fantasy squad as possible this year and not just because Indianapolis is your favorite team. The offense is loaded this year.

With that in mind, here is where the fantasy experts are currently drafting Colts players across multiple fantasy platforms. (To cross reference where the Colts were being picked at the end of May, click here.)

QB Andrew Luck Expert Mock Draft - 29th overall, QB2 (3rd round)

ESPN Experts (10-team Standard) - 27th overall, QB2 (3rd round)

ESPN Experts (12-team PPR) - 29th overall, QB2 (3rd round)

ESPN Experts (2-QB league) - 5th overall, QB2 (1st round)

Yahoo! Expert Rankings (standard) - 15th overall, QB1 (2nd round)

Yahoo! Expert Rankings (PPR) - 27th overall, QB1 (3rd round)

CBS Sports Experts Mock Draft - 23rd overall, QB1 (2nd round)

My Thoughts - There's definitely some divide between national fantasy writers on whether Luck or Aaron Rodgers is the #1 quarterback for fantasy 2015. It should also be noted though that even the sites that have luck QB1 aren't taking him in the first round. Most experts are of the opinion that QB is so deep this year that you shouldn't use a first round pick on one. The exception to that rule is if you're in a league that starts two quarterbacks.

RB Frank Gore Expert Mock Draft - 40th overall, RB19 (4th round)

ESPN Experts (10-team Standard) - 40th overall, RB20 (4th round)

ESPN Experts (12-team PPR) - 35th overall, RB15 (3rd round)

ESPN Experts (2-QB league) - 52nd overall, RB19 (6th round)

Yahoo! Expert Rankings (standard) - 28th overall, RB14 (3rd round)

Yahoo! Expert Rankings (PPR) - 31st overall, RB15 (4th round, 3rd in 12-team leagues)

CBS Sports Experts Mock Draft - 36th overall, RB16 (4th round, 3rd in 12-team leagues)

My Thoughts - ESPN and Yahoo! disagree on Gore's value as a pass-catcher for point per reception (PPR) leagues. ESPN believes Gore's value goes up in these leagues, and Yahoo! believes his value virtually stays the same. I think Gore definitely gets a bump to a high-end #2 RB in PPR leagues.


WR T.Y. Hilton Expert Mock Draft - 22nd overall, WR8 (3rd round, 2nd in 12-team leagues)

ESPN Experts (10-team Standard) - 31st overall, WR11 (4th round)

ESPN Experts (12-team PPR) - 31st overall, WR14 (3rd round)

ESPN Experts (2-QB league) - 38th overall, WR14 (4th round)

Yahoo! Expert Rankings (standard) - 29th overall, WR12 (3rd round)

Yahoo! Expert Rankings (PPR) - 26th overall, WR12 (3rd round)

CBS Sports Experts Mock Draft - 34th overall, WR14 (3rd round)

My Thoughts: ranks Hilton the highest, clearly inside the top-12 to be a #1 WR on rosters in 2015. It seems the other experts knock him down a few spots from his WR10 finish in 2014, perhaps because of the increased competition for targets in this high-powered Colts offense.

WR Andre Johnson Expert Mock Draft - 55th overall, WR25 (6th round, 5th round in 12-team leagues)

ESPN Experts (10-team Standard) - 64th overall, WR27 (7th round)

ESPN Experts (12-team PPR) - 38th overall, WR18 (4th round)

ESPN Experts (2-QB league) - 70th overall, WR25 (7th round)

Yahoo! Expert Rankings (standard) - 42nd overall, WR17 (5th round, 4th in 12-team leagues)

Yahoo! Expert Rankings (PPR) - 35th overall, WR15 (4th round, 3rd in 12-team leagues)

CBS Sports Experts Mock Draft - 54th overall, WR20 (6th round, 5th in 12-team leagues)

My Thoughts: You can clearly see the bump Johnson gets in PPR leagues, jumping from WR27 to WR18 with the ESPN Fantasy Staff and WR17 to WR15 with the Yahoo! Fantasy staff. Even in standard leagues, I have Johnson in the #2 WR range, no lower than WR24. Given the other options at that point and the offenses they play in, if I need a WR, I'll probably take Johnson even higher than that.

TE Dwayne Allen Expert Mock Draft - 95th overall, TE9 (10th round, 8th in 12-team leagues)

ESPN Experts (10-team Standard) - 135th overall, TE11 (14th round)

ESPN Experts (12-team PPR) - 137th overall, TE12 (12th round)

ESPN Experts (2-QB league) - 154th overall, TE14 (16th round)

Yahoo! Expert Rankings (standard) - 119th overall, TE13 (12th round, 10th in 12-team leagues)

Yahoo! Expert Rankings (PPR) - 116th overall, TE14 (12th round, 10th in 12-team leagues)

CBS Sports Experts Mock Draft - undrafted in 12 round mock draft

TE Coby Fleener Expert Mock Draft - undrafted in 15 round mock draft

ESPN Experts (10-team Standard) - undrafted in 16 round mock draft

ESPN Experts (12-team PPR) - 170th overall, TE15 (15th round)

ESPN Experts (2-QB league) - undrafted in 18 round mock draft

Yahoo! Expert Rankings (standard) - 168th overall, TE22 (undrafted in 10-team leagues)

Yahoo! Expert Rankings (PPR) - 145th overall, TE24 (15th round, 13th in 12-team leagues)

CBS Sports Experts Mock Draft - undrafted in 12 round mock draft

My Thoughts: The fantasy experts clearly believe if any position is going to see a drop in targets  it's the tight ends, with all the weapons in the Colts 2015 offense. Allen and Fleener's fantasy value may not be as high as their real football value in 2015. For fantasy purposes, you may have to rely on touchdown production from them to be fantasy starters. It might be even tougher if Pep Hamilton opts for more 3 WR sets. In that scenario, Fleener and Allen could split snaps.

The All-Colts Fantasy Team

Want to get crazy, #ColtsNation? You may be able to draft an entire team of Colts on your fantasy squad. Here's how, based on average draft position.

1st round - Andrew Luck

2nd round - T.Y. Hilton

3rd round - Frank Gore

4th round - Andre Johnson

5th - 8th rounds - other useful players

9th -15th rounds - Dwayne Allen, Coby Fleener, Donte Moncrief, Adam Vinatieri, Phillip Dorsett, Daniel Herron, Colts Defense

I've actually been in a league where one person always drafts all the players from the team he thinks will have the best offense. No joke: he usually makes the playoffs. Yeah, he'll lose on that team's bye week, but that's just one week. Hey, it's fantasy football. There's more than one way to have fun.

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