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Ehrmann's book 'InsideOut Coaching' sent to high school coaches

INDIANAPOLIS – Defensive tackle Joe Ehrmann played 10 NFL seasons, eight with the Colts, and his career spanned 121 games.

That the former Syracuse star and first-round draft pick made an impact in the league for a decade is certain.

It is the impact he has made since then that is his greatest achievement.

Ehrmann has dedicated his post-playing years to helping young men and women make decisions in their critical years that will help them lead productive lives. With Pulitzer-winning author Jeffrey Marx, Ehrmann in 2004 wrote the bestseller Season of Life about his journey from being an angry, abused boy to a football star, then to a dedicated volunteer, ordained minister and inspirational coach and speaker. The book gained national acclaim.

Ehrmann has authored a new book, InSideOut COACHING, that shares his personal history and explains why and how he developed coaching philosophy—and what other coaches and leaders can do to incorporate it into their programs.

Indianapolis Colts Owner and CEO Jim Irsay has maintained a close friendship with Ehrmann since Ehrmann's playing days. Irsay's father, Robert, acquired the Colts prior to the outset of Ehrmann's storied career, and the friendship between Jim Irsay and Ehrmann has remained special.

To honor Ehrmann and help ensure his message reaches appropriate audiences, Irsay is sending a copy of InSideOut COACHING to every high school head football coach in Indiana.

"My relationship with Joe Ehrmann is very special, and I have a tremendous personal and professional regard for his dedicated work to help others," said Irsay. "I have been inspired by his writing, and I want to help all coaches in our sport in the state of Indiana by sending them a copy of Joe's book. We all know high school coaches can play a tremendous role in the lives of young men, and I hope they all can benefit as I have from Joe's writing."

"Even as a young teen, Colt players recognized Jim's empathy, moral courage and generosity," said Ehrmann. "This act of serving high school coaches is just one more example of Jim Irsay's commitment to build a better world and Indiana through sports and coaching. I am proud of Jim as a friend, NFL owner and as a man."

Simon & Schuster writes of the book, 'Ehrmann's life mission is "to help boys and girls become men and women of empathy and integrity who will lead, be responsible, and change the world for good" and in InSideOut COACHING he shares his secret of how he has personally been able to accomplish this. Ehrmann draws on stories from his own life and from history to provide vivid examples of what makes a good coach, what makes a bad one, and what kind of difference each type can make in a person's life. He tackles concerns ranging from the importance of play in the lives of both children and adults to the dangerous effect American culture can have on our understanding of what it is to be a man or a woman. InSideOut COACHING is a must-read, not only for coaches, but also for players, parents, mentors, teachers, and social activists.'

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING ABOUT 'InSideOut COACHING: How Sports Can Transform Lives'

"Joe Ehrmann has a great message that coaches and young people really need to hear. He had a tremendous impact on our team, helping us to develop championship men on and off the field."

Tony Dungy, Author of Quiet Strength

"InSideOut COACHING is a very powerful book on coaching that is equally applicable to teaching, parenting, and loving. I not only learned a great deal, but more importantly I was moved by the entire narrative and all the valuable messages it carries. Joe Ehrmann has lived and has taken us through a transformational process which resonates with all of us. While reading it you can't help but evaluate yourself and the coaches with whom you interact. This is a must read for all coaches, athletic directors, and parents of sports participants, especially as coaches have such power and influence over those they coach. InSideOut is not a program but a process, which challenges us to understand ourselves and those with whom we interact."

Dr. Janette Boxill, Ph.D., Director, Parr Center for Ethics, Senior Lecturer and Associate Chair Department of Philosophy, University of North Carolina

"Joe Ehrmann's message is inspiring, educational and eye-opening. He is an inspiration to me!"

Jay Wright, Men's Head Basketball Coach, Villanova University

"Joe is a special person who has dedicated his life to helping young people. His message is powerful and makes a true impact. It is a message that we can all learn from."

Cal Ripken, Jr., Baseball Hall of Fame

"I highly encourage you to seize the opportunity to listen to these important values and concepts, which need to be applied to our society's most important resource—our youth."

Joseph Castiglione, Director of Athletics, University of Oklahoma

"This is a must read for all coaches, athletic directors, and parents."

Dr. Janette Boxhill, Director, Parr Center for Ethics, University of North Carolina

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