Donald Brown and Coby Fleener Network at Eli Lilly and Company

Intro: Colts players spend their off days during the regular season taking part in a multitude of activities. For Donald Brown and Coby Fleener, this past Tuesday meant an observation of what the future could hold with a trip to Eli Lilly and Company.





INDIANAPOLIS – It was Tuesday and that means the off day for the guys inside the Colts locker room.

The pads and helmet were stored away for one day during the work week and instead Donald Brown and Coby Fleener put on a new uniform.

There is life after football and on Tuesday, Brown and Fleener were preparing for that by networking with representatives from Eli Lilly & Company.

"It's a good opportunity for guys to really take advantage of their time in the NFL to not only be the best football players that we can, but also realize that there is life after football. I think going to Lilly was a good opportunity to do that," Fleener said.

The two met with five different Eli Lilly employees including former Colts defensive end Josh Thomas to discuss marketing and transitioning to the corporate environment.

For Brown and Fleener the visit downtown provided a chance to meet and observe people in a variety of roles at the worldwide company with headquarters just south of Lucas Oil Stadium.

Thanks to Colts Director of Player Engagement David Thornton, Tuesday's visit was made possible with a look ahead to the future.

"You need to have a plan post football," Brown said. "It was an opportunity to meet different people and look at potential opportunities post football."

"You never know when your career is going to be over so it's always nice to meet people and have somewhat of a plan in mind."

The trip to Eli Lilly was glimpse into what inevitably lies ahead for every NFL player.

One day the pads and helmet will remain in the locker for good and a different uniform will have to be worn.

"You definitely focus so strongly on football, all of us do, during the season but off days and the offseason are a good opportunity to take a couple of hours to really think about other things," Fleener said.

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