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Colts Wednesday Mailbag: Will Colts Wide Receivers Catch More Touchdowns In 2015?

Intro: This Wednesday, mailbag readers inquire about Andre Johnson in the red zone, Jack Mewhort’s future at right tackle and the pace of the Colts offense in 2015.





ANDERSON – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday or Saturday mailbag.

Here is the collection of Wednesday questions:Mason Hunt (Indianapolis)

Mr. Bowen,

Last year Andrew Luck threw an outstanding 40 touchdown passes. However only 16 of those passes went to wide receivers. Could this be attributed to the fact that most of the Colts receivers last year, while highly talented, were generally smaller players that required Luck to throw into tight throwing windows in the red zone? If so does the presence of Andre Johnson, a big bodied receiver, mean more touchdowns being thrown to wide outs this year?

Go Colts!

Bowen: Mason, I think you are onto something here. The Colts tight ends caught 18 touchdowns last season and Ahmad Bradshaw chipped in with six more. I do think the Colts have the personnel to once again get that type of output out of their non-wide receivers in 2015. You can plug Frank Gore/Boom Herron in that Bradshaw role. Having said that, I do think Andre Johnson provides the ideal option for a red-zone threat. While his recent touchdown numbers aren't that eye-popping, Johnson is now in an offense where one-on-one matchups should be coming his way. We've seen Johnson's length already being used in Training Camp on underneath routes. When the field shrinks in the red zone, I see Johnson's size (6-3 and 230 pounds) being very attractive to No. 12.

Isak H. (Mexico City)

Ok, I know this question is bizarre, but if you think about it, it's interesting. Do you think Matt Overton would succeed at playing Center? He's a great LS, he can snap, he can block and he's very good at both duties. I know the competition is going between Holmes and Harrison, and I know Ryan Grigson does not want to give up on them, but let's face it, Holmes is often injured and Harrison can't snap or block. If Overton played C, the team could just get a new LS who is decent, as many of those are free agents, and it would solve a 3 year old issue.

Bowen: No, I don't think he would succeed. Matt Overton weighs 243 pounds. The last time a center weighed 243 pounds in the NFL, I'm not sure if Andrew Luck was even born. Overton is a perfectly capable long snapper but trying to compare his position to center is unfair. Khaled Holmes or Jonotthan Harrison is going to be the Colts starting center in 2015, with Holmes receiving the vast majority of the first-team reps through the first three practices of Training Camp.

Jeffery Patten (Bristol, Connecticut)

I still think the Colts need to keep Muhort at left guard (Lucks Blind Side) to be the best O line they can be. If that holds true, who would be best to start at right Tackle? And is that Tackle even on the team now?


Bowen: While I understand what you are saying Jeffery, Jack Mewhort won't be moving back to left guard anytime soon. He's the Colts plan at right tackle for 2015, and likely beyond. If we are playing your hypothetical, Joe Reitz would be the likely right tackle. Reitz has filled in quite well at right tackle before, and you could probably consider him the top reserve at several positions up front. If Mewhort works out at right tackle, the Colts have their bookend tackles for years to come. Now, it's about settling the competition between Lance Louis and Hugh Thornton at left guard.

David B. (Clearwater, FL)

If tom is suspended and G is injured during that time. Who is 3rd back-up. Go Colts!!

Bowen: I believe in deciphering this question, David is asking if Tom Brady is suspended for the Colts game (which could only happen if the court doesn't have their ruling decided upon until after Week One, and still upholds Brady's four-game suspension) and Patriots backup Jimmy Garoppolo is injured, who would be the third quarterback in New England? I think that's right. If that wildly unlikely scenario happens, it looks to be veteran Matt Flynn as the Patriots quarterback. David, I don't think you are going to have to worry this far down the depth chart. I fully expect Brady to be under center when Sunday Night Football arrives in Indianapolis on October 18.

Nathan Dean (Portage, IN)

This teams roster reminds me of the Jim Kelly and the k gun. Point being lots of offense but still looks to me they lack the ability to stop the run help me out on this Kevin.

Bowen: With Jim Kelly at the helm, those Buffalo Bills teams frequently used a no-huddle, shotgun style offense in their impressive run during the 1990s. I do think the Colts could go this route for much of the 2015 season. Pep Hamilton loves changing up tempos and even with a no-huddle offense, you can still effectively run the football. The Colts have the personnel to be balanced even if they are in 2WR/2TE looks or 3WR/1TE looks. Keeping the same personnel grouping throughout a drive obviously allows an offense to dictate the pace (if the offense subs at any time, the defense has time to make a substitution themselves). As far as the Colts stopping the run, we are going to get a clearer answer to that in the coming weeks with the pads finally being strapped on. We've seen some nice play from Arthur Jones early in camp, which would go a long way in the Colts finding a more consistent run defense in 2015.

Randy Wills (Indianapolis)

is there any official word about wearing white jersey again at home in preseason this month?

Bowen: Randy, I have not heard any word on that. If the Colts do wear the white jerseys again this preseason, I expect it would be against the Bears in Week Two (based off past year's preseason games).

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