Colts Watch Tape on "Take It Like a Man Monday"

It was not a fun Monday, but a necessary one if the Colts are going to improve moving forward.

INDIANAPOLIS --- The Colts came into work Monday already knowing what they'd find waiting for them on the game tape and in the meeting rooms but knew this was a necessary step if they are going to improve moving forward this season.

"We used to joke about it on a team I was on, (calling it) 'Take It Like a Man Monday'," said Colts back-up quarterback Matt Hasselbeck in the locker room, a day after the 27-21 home loss to the Saints. "You just know it's going to be uncomfortable."

That's because game tape doesn't lie.

"Coaches are going to call you out. They're going to put the laser pointer on you, on all your mistakes," said Hasselbeck. "The thing we always say here is just be your own toughest critic. You know that the coaches are going to be critical. It's not that they don't like you. They just want us to be our best. Today, it's that kind of a thing in front of your peers."

And for those that didn't play well, it makes those sessions tougher considering the chemistry in this locker room.

"We've got a team full of guys that really care about each other," said Colts punter Pat McAfee Monday. "Nobody was happy with what happened yesterday. It was a pretty embarrassing situation yesterday the way we started."

What did that game tape show specifically?

"We were able to just look at the film and see that we're not executing and not playing with great fundamentals and technique," said tight end Dwayne Allen. "It starts at practice. I'm sure there will be a much more energized and excitement come practice."

"Little mistakes really led to huge problems," said McAfee about watching the tape. "I think that's kind of been a key for us all year. It's the little things that turn into big things. That's kind of a cliche, but it's a real problem."

McAfee noted turnovers putting the defense in short-field situations. Hasselbeck emphasized that as well.

"You can't do the things that we did penalty-wise, turnover-wise, mental errors, missed assignments," Hasselbeck said.

McAfee said Monday Night Football will be another chance to show what kind of team he believes the Colts really are in front of a national TV audience but wishes he had a chance to get rid of this feeling sooner.

"I wish we were playing on Thursday night almost," said McAfee. "We gotta start winning so everybody's life is better. When you win, life is much better. Food tastes better. Sleeping is better. Kisses from your girlfriend are better. Winning makes life better. Right now, it's a very miserable situation."

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