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Colts To See Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow In Sunday's Preseason Opener

Intro: The Colts wrapped up their final walk-through of the 2015 Training Camp on Friday morning and next up was media availability. What did Chuck Pagano and Andrew Luck have to say to the media on Friday?


ANDERSON – As with most mornings at Training Camp, the highlights come from the media sessions with Colts coaches and selected players.

The on-the-field work will come this afternoon but around lunchtime each day, will take a look at three interesting quotes from that morning's media sessions.

In today's media scrums, Chuck Pagano touched on the injury situation heading into Sunday and his overall impressions on Training Camp. Andrew Luck talked about T.Y. Hilton's new contract and what he's seen from the new weapons on offense.

Injury News

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly announced on Friday morning that quarterback Mark Sanchez will start on Sunday, and Sam Bradford will be held out.

For the Colts, no one has been completely ruled out of the preseason opener, but Chuck Pagano did say it was unlikely Vontae Davis (groin) will play. Davis' injury is not serious, but he has missed around the past week due to his groin injury.Chuck Pagano on how he would sum up Training Camp in Anderson:

"In two weeks time, we have gained a lot of ground. We accomplished what we set out to accomplish in all three phases.

"It was demanding. Mentally, we threw a ton at them. Physically, we asked a lot of those guys and they did a great job digesting all the information, taking it from the meeting room, to the walk through, to the practice field and competing and getting after each other at a high level."

Bowen's Analysis: The Colts will hold their 11th practice in Anderson on Friday afternoon. The head coach is clearly pleased with what he's seen and eager to now see it in live action. On another note, the crowds in Anderson have been tremendous, approaching 40,000 for the two weeks.

As far as playing time on Sunday, expect one to two series of work from the starters. Pagano said on Friday that the young guys will play a lot in the preseason opener, which falls in line with how the Colts have handled past Week 1 preseason games.

Andrew Luck on T.Y. Hilton's new contract:

"Super excited for him. He had a big old grin on his face for a long time, I think still does. You build great relationships with guys on your team, obviously, especially with guys in your draft class and so when good things happen to them you get excited for them. Proud of him and happy for him, happy for his family. Very well deserved.

"He's an incredible player. It's great for Colts nation, it's great for this football team that he's here for however long that contract is."

Bowen's Analysis: What Luck forgot to mention is this is great news for the quarterback himself. His top pass caching weapon is not going anywhere for the next six seasons.

The Colts have had a history over the past 20 years or so of having enviable quarterback-receiver relationships. The duo of Luck and Hilton is well on their way to being the next pair.

Andrew Luck on what he's seen from the new guys in Training Camp, including Duron Carter:

"I don't want to say surprised, but been pleasantly surprised with Duron's consistency in going out there making big plays every day. He's making big plays. Phil (Dorsett), I knew he was fast but with training camp, you go four or five days and the arm gets a little dead and you can't quite throw it as far, you better get that ball up early because he's still running as fast as he is.

"Andre's (Johnson) just so consistent. Him and Frank (Gore), consistency, they do it at a high level every day."

Bowen's Analysis: On Friday morning, Luck touched on some of the new weapons he has at his disposal in 2015. Luck's thoughts on Carter are going to remain a key as the preseason goes along, considering the few amount of actual football games the wide receiver has played in recent years.

As an offense as a whole, Luck made it clear on several occasions that he's been pleased with the pace the unit has operated at. Luck feels the offense is playing fast, without hesitation, seeing guys create plenty separation, allowing No. 12 to distribute the ball accordingly to make plays with the pigskin.

Another great afternoon practice in Anderson.

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