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Colts Teammates Universally Adore Jack Doyle

Intro: Now in his fourth NFL season, Jack Doyle is a player that the Colts locker room absolutely loves. Why is Doyle so well liked by his teammates?


INDIANAPOLIS – Unofficially, he's the most well liked teammate inside of the Colts locker room.

It doesn't matter the side of the ball, nor the position group, Jack Doyle is adored by his teammates.

Hop down to Frank Gore's locker and one of the greatest running backs in NFL history lights up when hearing Jack Doyle's name.

"That's my man right there. That's my man," a beaming Gore shouts.

Gore admires the underdog mentality that Doyle has had to get to this point in his NFL career.

Unheralded out of high school, Doyle then went undrafted in 2013 after playing at Western Kentucky.

Following a rookie-year offseason with the Titans, the Colts claimed Doyle at the final roster cut down.

Doyle has been Mr. Reliable in Indy ever since, doing a little bit of everything, while being a mainstay on the field (Doyle has not missed a game due to injury in his four NFL seasons).

"Very coachable," Gore goes on about Doyle. "Smart. Very consistent. Rarely messes up. When I got here, I noticed that. I stayed in his pocket, especially knowing that he was going to be in the backfield with me at times. You can count on him for anything. He's a great player.

"I love Jack, love Jack."

A few lockers down from Gore, T.Y. Hilton is also smiling when he hears Doyle's name.

Hilton and teammates have assigned a nickname to No. 84.

"We call him, 'Tim Duncan' because he's Mr. Fundamental," Hilton says of Doyle's nickname.

Robert Mathis prefers 'Junior Fundamental' when describing Doyle.

"He does the little things right and is fundamentally sound in every aspect," Mathis says about Doyle.

"You can't ask for a better teammate. He's a man's man and the perfect teammate."

The universal respect for Doyle comes from how the Indianapolis native goes about his business.

There's no drama or worry about Doyle.

Give Doyle a job on Sunday and he's going to fulfill the responsibilities asked of him.

Back in 2014, and barely a year into his NFL career, Doyle was already earning the admiration from some of the most experienced guys in the locker room.

"I remember when I first got here, I told Jack he was my favorite player," D'Qwell Jackson says.

"He does all the dirty work and comes to work with his hard hat on. He's a guy you need on every team. You get a bunch of Jack Doyle's on your team, you're going to be successful. You know what you're going to get every time he steps on the field."

What the Colts have gotten in four years from Doyle is a guy who has been a key special teamer, while serving a plethora of roles on offense.

Tight end. H-back. Consistent Receiver. Extra blocker. Durable.

Per Pro Football Focus, Doyle has finished each of the last two seasons third in percentage of targets caught among tight ends.

How much can Doyle do? Don't forget about that 2014 season finale in Tennessee, where Doyle was one injury away from playing on the offensive line.

Coaches laud what Doyle does for the Colts.

A few years back, Chuck Pagano said during a press conference, "You can never have enough Jack Doyle's."

In 2014, special teams coordinator Tom McMahon wanted his players to know just how valuable of a guy Doyle was to the team.

Early in the season, the Colts found tremendous success in converting surprise onside kicks.



To even think about executing an onside kick, the Colts needed someone to give up their body in order for Griff Whalen to have a chance at the recovery.

There was Doyle sacrificing his body.

"We are looking around, 'Who are we going to ask?'" McMahon explains of how the idea came about to try the onside kicks, once they found their guy to be the lead man paving the way.


And the next time?

"Jack. Who do you go to? You go to Jack."

McMahon actually had 'WWJD' bracelets made, with this acronym standing for: "What Would Jack (Doyle) Do?"

Happy Birthday Jack Doyle

"You are talking about a guy who does every single thing the way it should be done, in the locker room, and on the field," McMahon says. "He bends when he needs to bend. When he's tired, he's still bending, still running as hard as he can down the field on kickoffs, and he's in his fourth year. You never ever get that look from him that he's above this."

This season the Colts are asking more out of Doyle.

In a contract year, Doyle has been bumped up to the No. 2 tight end spot on the roster.

Coby Fleener's departure has meant a serious uptick in offensive snaps from Doyle. Through two games, Doyle has snagged seven balls for 73 yards and two touchdowns.

A popular offseason question for the Colts was how would the tight end group look like with Fleener, known for his receiving skills, no longer in Indy?

Doyle has helped answer that.

"The. Greatest," Dwayne Allen says when asked about his fellow tight end mate. "Jack knows his job, your job, everyone's job. You know that he's going to have your back on the field.

"Speaking specifically for the tight end room, since he got here, he's always been the glue that held that room together. Some people are just made with certain intangibles. He doesn't say much, if anything at all, but when you watch film, he's always in the right position. He's always doing the right thing."

A decade ago, Doyle's football home was East 56th Street, attending Cathedral High School in Indianapolis.

Now, his home is West 56th Street, where the Indianapolis Colts are grateful to have him.

"It's not the flashiest thing ever," Allen says with a smile, "but he gets it done."

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