Colts Teammates Excited To See Andrew Luck's New Deal

Intro: Andrew Luck on Wednesday signed a contract extension keeping him in Indianapolis through the 2021 season, and his teammates took to social media to express their excitement.


INDIANAPOLIS — The talk of the league on Wednesday came via the right hand of Andrew Luck.

This time, however, it was an ink pen in that hand — and not a football — that got the NFL world buzzing.

Luck, as you may have heard by now, signed a six-year contract that keeps him under center in Indianapolis through the 2021 season.

As you can probably imagine, this highly-anticipated move by the Colts organization has several different meanings.

For Luck, he's obviously compensated for one of the best starts by a quarterback in NFL history, and handed a new set of expectations. For the organization, it continues the belief that success in this league begins with stability and talent at the quarterback position (they have a recent example in Peyton Manning, after all). For the fans, it adds even more excitement — and perhaps a few more No. 12 jerseys to the stands.

But what about Luck's teammates and others within the organization? How do they feel about the deal? Well, several of them have already let their feelings known on social media, so let's take a look (starting with the boss himself):

That's my QB ...  — Dwayne Allen (@Dallen83) June 29, 2016

12 gotta get a new phone now I ain't tryn hear it... — Zachariah W. KERR (@ZachariahKerr94) June 29, 2016

This guys got 140 Ms and still using T9 to type texts. — Zachariah W. KERR (@ZachariahKerr94) June 29, 2016

Well deserved! — Dwayne Allen (@Dallen83) June 29, 2016

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