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Colts Study Dynasties in Hopes of Greatness

Chuck Pagano talked Wednesday about how much the Colts are trying to win it all, by studying others that have done it multiple times.

INDIANAPOLIS --- Chuck Pagano mentioned something very interesting towards the end of his press conference Wednesday during offseason organized team activities that offered a glimpse into how hard the Colts are working (and studying) to win the Super Bowl.

"We looked at a lot of great dynasties. (General Manager) Ryan (Grigson) had one of his scouts do a project a couple years ago and looked at all the great dynasties over the years," Pagano said. "You can look at the Packers of the '60s, the Steelers of the '70s. You can look at the Niners, the Yankees. You can look at the Celtics."

What that project revealed was apparently something similar among those great teams across all sports. Pagano said those juggernauts had three things in common:

Innovative/Thinking Outside the Box

Check Ego/Team First, Self Second

One Goal, Vision, and Belief

"We have that vision. You guys know what that vision is," said Pagano. "You know what our ultimate goal is, and everybody has bought into that."

Pagano talking about that study of dynasties comes a few weeks after Colts Owner and CEO Jim Irsay said he would like to win at least two Super Bowls during the Andrew Luck era.

"There's high expectations for Mr. Irsay. To me that's nothing different than my first day in the building," said Luck Wednesday. "I remember walking in, and it wasn't, 'Okay, let's go win a couple games and see how good you can do.' It was, 'We're making it to the playoffs to try and win a Super Bowl.' That was as a rookie, first day walking in the building. I don't think that bar, that standard has changed at all since I walked in this building. It's great to know you have an owner that wants to win."

And after Pagano talked about that study of dynasties, it's clear Luck and his teammates have not only an owner, but a general manager and head coach that want it just as badly as the man that signs his paychecks.  


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