Colts See Plenty Of "Untapped Potential" In Wide Receiver Group

Intro: In joining the Colts this offseason, new wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal saw young potential within his new position group. Hear is Lal talking about arguably the most talented position on the roster.


INDIANAPOLIS – Sanjay Lal had his suitors this offseason.

After eight years of coaching receivers with the Raiders, Jets and Bills, Lal was a free agent following the 2016 campaign.

When Lal began to seek out his next opportunity, three specific things stood out in Indianapolis.

  1. The young receiver core.
  1. The quarterback, obviously.
  1. The tradition and the offense the Colts run.

"It just seems set up to be a good place for a long time," Lal says of Indianapolis. "And hopefully I can help that and be here for a long time."

Throughout the 2017 offseason, Lal's receivers have lauded the praise of their new position coach.

It's a group many believe is the deepest on the roster.

And Lal took some time earlier in Training Camp to analyze what he initially saw in the group.

  • T.Y. Hilton: "Savviness for sure. I can't compare him to the old T.Y. but what I've seen is a savvy vet, a guy that comes and competes in practice. That was very impressive. He gets pissed when things aren't going right. He will get the group going, get himself going and I see a joy. When he makes a play, I see a joy and that's really good to see."
  • Donte Moncrief: "He can do whatever he sets his mind to. If he can stay healthy, he's untapped. That was very attractive."
  • Chester Rogers: "Chester jumped off the tape. Chester has no fear. Nothing is too big for him. You can move him inside, outside, so he's an exciting young player."
  • Phillip Dorsett: "I saw Phillip flash. As a coach you say, 'Oh, I can teach him this and he will be that much better.'"

Lal uses the phrase "young potential" to describe his bunch of wideouts.

"I feel that with any athlete my job is to maybe take them past what they thought they could achieve themselves, see it through my eyes a little bit," Lal says.

"Then I'll push them as far as I can and see if someone catches fire."

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