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Colts Pass Rushers Learning From Franchise Leader Robert Mathis

Intro: Retired in January, Robert Mathis is still hanging around the game that he loves. Why has Mathis been around the Colts so much during the 2017 offseason program?


INDIANAPOLIS – Not many coaching volunteers have the resume that Robert Mathis can plop onto a table.

Indianapolis Colts all-time sack leader.

Yeah, that will turn some heads when trying to stand out as a job candidate.

That is what Mathis is trying to figure out right now.

Go out to Colts practice this time of year and you will see Mathis revving things up during the individual drills at the outside linebacker position group.

"I think it's good therapy because you kind of wean yourself off the game," Mathis says of entering retirement, but trying to see if he wants to pursue a career in coaching.

"It's really helping me. I just love the atmosphere. I love the locker room aspect, the team aspect. Just being around and giving my knowledge to the younger guys, I think everyone wins."

What is Mathis, the all-time sack leader in franchise history, trying to instill to the new wave of pass rushers in Indianapolis?

"It's strictly how to get to the quarterback, how to do it, how to game plan to do it, everything that goes with it," Mathis says.

"Just really try to help wherever I can, advice, on and off the field. Any type of experience I've had over the 14 years, just try to give it to them."

As Mathis gives coaching a try this spring, he's also spending plenty of time at home his family.

With a fifth child on the way, Mathis says job No. 1 is still to raise his family, with a third son arriving this past weekend.

Indianapolis is the place Mathis has called home since 2003 and that won't be changing anytime soon.

"This is the only place that I know, the only place that took a chance on me so I feel this is my way of giving back." Mathis says of continuing life in Indianapolis. "I love this organization. I feel like I'm a loyal guy.

"I feel at home here. It gives my family the best opportunity for success being here."

Will the Mathis household see daddy get into coaching now that his illustrious playing career is over?

That probably is not on the immediate horizon, but we will see what happens with this unique coaching volunteer.

"It's a chance for (Mathis) to kind of get his feet wet, get a taste of it and then decide if that's what he wants to do," Pagano says.

"He can show them, but he can also communicate to them: here's the footwork, here's the hands, here's how to set the offensive lineman up and all those kinds of things. He's really good at relationships. He's got a great demeanor about him. He's got a great sense of calm to him. He always stays pretty steady and pretty measured, so I think he'd be an outstanding coach if he decided to do it."

Robert Mathis spoke to his teammates following his final game with the Indianapolis Colts.

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