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Colts Offseason Of Change Does Not Impact Frank Gore

Intro: As the Colts parted ways with a plethora of veterans this offseason, 34-year-old Frank Gore was not going anywhere. What has Gore back with the Colts for a 13th NFL season?


INDIANAPOLIS – Of all the items on Chris Ballard's checklist after being hired in late January, one of his first orders of business was to dissect film on the Colts' then 33-year-old running back.

A clear focus of Ballard's first few weeks on the job was to begin a roster turnover that shifted the Colts from being one of oldest teams in the NFL to one of the youngest bunches.

But Frank Gore was not one of those given a pink slip.

Ballard has always been fond of Gore, and watching tape of the running back's 1,000-yard campaign last year confirmed that the Colts would be holding on to the future Hall of Famer.

"I saw a player that still had something left in the tank, still had feet, still had quickness, still had vision and still was productive," Ballard said of his 16-game evaluation of Gore.

"With his passion and work ethic and what he brings to the locker room and what he brings on Sunday, we are lucky to have Frank Gore on this team."

The 2017 season will be Gore's third with the Colts, and his 13th overall in the NFL.

On Sunday, Gore turned 34 years old, which is a downright scary number to NFL teams thinking a running back can play at that age.

Gore is different though.

His durability (92 consecutive starts) and productivity (Gore became the Colts' first 1,000-yard rusher last season since 2007) remain at a level one can win with.

Even though Gore does not need to sell himself, he explained earlier this offseason why the Colts kept him.

"They know I'm a good football player. They know I play the game hard. They know I love it. And they know that when I'm around the guys, I bring the team up, and I'm happy to be here," the NFL's 8th all-time leading rusher says.

"When Training Camp comes, I'll show them that I'm still a young guy. I'm going to go out and be the same Frank Gore I've been."

The repetitive offseason training in Miami still has Gore knowing he can play on Sunday's.

Over the years, the training has changed a little bit.

"Now at the beginning I really do a lot more boxing, keep my legs fresh," Gore says. "Once I get here (for the offseason program), I run more. At seven weeks before Training Camp, that's when I can't miss a day. I want to come into Training Camp at playing shape so I can compete against the guys that I compete against and be ready for the season."

If the Colts would have parted ways with Gore this offseason, there's certainly evidence to back up that decision.

No 34-year-old running back has ever started all 16 games in an NFL season.

Granted, Frank Gore has not had a shot at proving that statement false.

"I don't let another man judge me because another man can't do something," Gore says.

"I still love the game. I'm still training. I'm still having fun. Just because another man couldn't do it doesn't mean I can't do it. I keep that on my shoulder."

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