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Colts Mailbag: What Is The Latest With Dwayne's Allen Injury?

Intro: This week, mailbag readers inquire about the play of the offensive line, the running back reps and how true of a contender the 2014 Colts are.





INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday mailbag.

Here is this week's collection:Anthony Drames (Philadelphia)

What is the latest with Dwayne Allens injury?

Bowen: Chuck Pagano said on Monday that he's hoping to have Allen practicing on Wednesday. That would obviously be a sign in the right direction of Allen getting back in the lineup after missing the last two weeks.

Rick Myles (North California)

I have a weird question, since I've never heard of any kicker or punter in a Practice Squad. Would the colts find interesting to get Sam Ficken in the next draft or as a UDFA and groom him for one year so Adam Vinatieri can teach him what it takes to be the best kicker in the NFL? I am thinking about Ficken because he's an Indiana Native and one of the best in CFB but Long and Hunnicutt would work as well, I guess. Just curious, you know.

Bowen: Rick, I must say this is a very specific question. While I usually stray away from draft questions until the offseason, I'll address the practice squad portion of this one. I don't know how feasible it would be to carry a kicker/punter on your practice squad strictly from a bodies standpoint. While also developing young talent, the practice squad is used exactly for what the name indicates---people for practice. Obviously a punter/kicker would be taking up a pretty valuable spot just to groom them into a possible future spot. On another note, Adam Vinatieri doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon as he approaches his 42nd birthday later this month.

Dave H (Sebring, FL)


Bowen: Dave, in the last two weeks we've seen the Colts employ quite a few jumbo sets with guys like Xavier Nixon and Khaled Holmes serving as the extra tackles. The running game has had some nice success in that stretch with more than 300 rushing yards. It's something that Pep Hamilton has used a decent amount through his two seasons with the Colts. Joe Reitz has also been a frequent guy to use in these formations.

Ed Karwacki (Wisconsin)

We got the win but the defense didnt play as well as they should have. But my question is why Boom didnt play more in the second half? I would think the COLTS would want to run the clock and give Boom a chance for a 100 yard game. I know the offense scored TD's and thats good but the defense needed some rest.

Bowen: Ed, while Boom did see the field during the second half, the Colts offense only had 16 total offensive plays in the final two quarters. That's unheard of based on most NFL games. The Colts offense was scoring at a rapid pace with three of their five second half drives resulting in touchdowns from series of three plays or less. You have to remember too, that Herron did have a late first half fumble that could have really turned momentum. Chuck Pagano said on Monday that Herron's fumbles wouldn't risk any immediate playing time but that ball protection has to be better. Herron got some carries late when the Colts were trying to run out the clock so don't expect his snaps to come down anytime soon.

Hakeem Joseph (Atlanta)

When can we expect to see Zurlon Tipton the kid is a huge 220lbs 6ft power house with tremendous vision. I was impressed from what i've seen in central michigan. i think his only flaw is he doesn't have elite break away speed (Jamal Charles, Lesean McCoy to name a few) but his speed has a resemblance of Arian Foster. When do you think we'll have an opportunity too see him because its already clear what were getting from Trent and Boom.

Bowen: Tipton is the new Herron in that his primary role is that on special teams and any carries probably won't come until mop-up duty. Again, we rarely see teams incorporate three different running backs in a game plan. Tipton is obviously a guy the Colts feel has some potential as they kept him on their 53-man roster following final cuts.

John Rogers (Laurel, Delaware)

I've been a Colt fan for over 56 years, our defense is not that good we talk about how good we are playing but how about when we play against good teams' look what happens to the defense, the same can be said about the offense as well ask New England ,Denver, and the Steelers, My question is are we really that good or we just in the middle of the pack?

Bowen: John, that's a question many fans seem to be asking this time of year. In those losses, the Colts struggled in getting after the quarterback (and in the ground game against New England) while their offense has been plagued by missed opportunities early in those games. Then against a team like Cincinnati everything clicked in a dominant performance on both sides of the ball. The Colts will have chances the next few weeks against some playoff type teams away from home. At the end of the day though, how much stock should be put into "quality" wins in the regular season? Last year, the Colts beat four of the NFL's best teams in the regular season. Did that matter in the postseason? The Colts are on the verge of another playoff berth and we probably won't have a great gauge on this team until January rolls around.

Richard Baker (Indianapolis)

Is there a place for dropping of a handicap fan and pick them up? If so, where is this spot?

Thank You

Go Colts!!!!

Richard R Baker Jr

Bowen: Richard, there are two locations (Northeast corner of the stadium on Capitol street and the Southwest corner on Missouri street). IMPD coordinates all pedestrian and vehicular traffic on game day so make sure they are aware of your need.

Wayne Pegolo (Middletown, CT)

Hi Kevin,
I noticed in watching the Skins game that Hakeem Nicks didn't play but he was dressed. Can you explain his status for that game?

Bowen: On Sunday, Nicks logged 16 offensive snaps. Nicks was on the field for Donte Moncrief's 48-yard touchdown. Washington cornerback David Amerson paid close attention to Nicks on that play before realizing, too late, Moncrief was breaking free in the secondary. Over the past two weeks, Nicks has only gotten one target in the passing game with Moncrief seeing his reps increase.

Max Herrera (San Francisco)

I'm coming out from California to see to Texans game in two weeks. Anything I should look for when at the game, before and after?

Bowen: I would make sure to get into Lucas Oil Stadium a little more than an hour before kickoff and just walk around the stadium. The stadium has so many cool features on various concourses that you don't want to miss. As far as before the game, check out Touchdown Town on South Street (just north of the stadium) which is a great pregame stop from an environment standpoint. It opens three hours before kickoff and includes exclusive giveaways, food trucks, a Play60 Zone, live entertainment, cheerleader appearances, drink specials and much more.

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