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Colts Mailbag: What Are The Chances The Colts Draft A Running Back In 2015?

Intro: This week, mailbag readers inquire about the possibility of IU’s Tevin Coleman joining the Colts, the team's draft needs and Frank Gore’s impact on the offense.





INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday mailbag.

Here is this week's collection:Austin Morris (Florida)

Hi Kevin, I really think the colts should draft Tevin coleman in the 2nd round maybe 3rd if he is still hasn't been drafted yet. what is your opinion on the colts and coleman?

Bowen: Austin, I think you are of the same thinking of many fans in Colts Nation. With Coleman, there are a couple of questions to ponder. First, is his health. During Coleman's Pro Day a few weeks back, he showed no ill effects of a foot injury from his record-breaking 2014 season. Every NFL team was represented at Coleman's Pro Day so he's clearly coveted. That's where my second question comes into play, how high will Coleman go in the draft? Is No. 29 too high to take the IU running back? I think so. It seems like Coleman is the likely third running back to go in the draft, which should place him well before the Colts choose again at pick No. 61. Coleman could be the domino of that running back group in where he goes could lead to a run on ball carriers.

Paul C (Illinois)

With Frank Gore on the team, will Pep Hamilton go back to more of a West Coast offense? I'm torn about this idea. While an effective power running game will take pressure of Andrew Luck and keep him from getting hit as much, the offense has been much more productive the last two years when Luck has aired it out. If we do go more West Coast offense, will we see more Spider 2 Y Banana? I love that play! (yes, I've been watching video of Gruden's QB Camp with Luck)

Bowen: This is an interesting question now the Colts feel they have the services of a bonafide running back, capable of carrying a significant workload. Having said that, I don't see Pep Hamilton changing his system just because Gore is in the backfield. The Colts have always felt the need to establish a running game and the obvious hope is that will be a bit easier with Gore. When the Colts had their skill group healthy last year, we saw the versatility that the offense can employ. That's the goal once again in 2015 and the addition of Gore should make defensive coordinator's think twice about how they choose to defend the Colts.

Reginald Applewhite (Pennsylvania)

Hi Kevin,

I am deeply concerned about how Ryan Grigson will far with the last four picks. Out of Rounds 6-7, Grigson's draft has not been good, since the only player who he drafted in those rounds who still is there is Ulrick John and he is yet to play a game. Will Ryan Grigson draft, as said in his words, a person who may one day start, or will he keep getting unknown players who never get to play for the colts? Thank you.

Bowen: Reginald, "deeply concerned" might be a stretch when worrying about that part of the draft. Last year, I think it's fair to say the Colts found more than adequate players with 60 percent of their five picks (Jack Mewhort, Donte Moncrief and Jonathan Newsome). If they have that same percentage in 2015 (nine picks), that would be a definite home run rookie class. While the Colts haven't "hit" on their sixth and seventh round picks lately, they have found some quality in their undrafted free agents. Anytime you get to the second half of Saturday, those latter round picks are pretty much projects. There's a reason they have fallen to the 200s of the draft. What will make or break this draft for the Colts is going to be the first handful of picks and not the four selections in the sixth and seventh rounds.

Michelle M (Fort Wayne)

Thank you for answering my question last week... ive been reading in the news that ever since deflategate, ryan grigson and chuck pagano have been on the outs and their relationship is rocky... and there are rumors that this could be chuck's last year due to the strained relationship they are having... would you clear this up for me? im sure others, along with myself, would like to know .. thank you

Bowen: Both Ryan Grigson and Jim Irsay were asked this question last week. As you would expect, both made it clear that everyone is on the same page. Grigson said: "I don't talk about player's contracts. Obviously, I'm not going to talk about our head coach's. Business as usual around here. Business as usual. Everything's good and we're ready. Everyone's looking to do the same thing in this building. We're all trying to achieve the same goal. Everyone's on board. Everyone's all in." On Friday, Irsay touched on Chuck Pagano's contract situation. "We're real positive about Chuck Pagano and the things that he's done. It's not a sign of anything extremely negative. We just haven't gotten anything done in terms of a long-term contract. These things are ongoing a lot of times behind the scenes, We're working on contracts, whether it's management, coaches, players. We had discussions and it doesn't mean that they won't continue. It's not a Super Bowl-or-bust season or anything like that."

Dave H (Sebring, FL)

can the colts become more than finness, timing and be a team feared? for years now teams have looked at us and said, the colts can be beat. control the game disrupt there timing and QB. and this has been true, the fans want the whole package physical side , timing, control, dominating style, that several teams have! we need to find this again the colts of the past had this! we need to be feared like seattle ,dallas where they try to punish players and intimidate, on the field and get in your head????

Bowen: While I hear where you're coming from Dave, more often than not, it's the Colts getting the last laugh in teams that say "the Colts can be beat" (14 of 16 playoff appearances for Indianapolis since 1999). Jim Irsay reiterated over the weekend that a more consistent product is a certain focus for the 2015 Colts. You mentioned Seattle (I would throw New England in there after another Super Bowl run for them) and they definitely have that impression from around the league, but I really don't think any other teams are deserving of being in that category. No team has been that dominant over the past couple of seasons. New England could have lost their first playoff game this past year. Seattle also could have easily lost before in the NFC Championship. I think the biggest key for the Colts heading into this season is establishing more of a presence on each side of the line of scrimmage. Trying to develop more of a trench-mentality is what ultimately wins most often in January. It will be a question the Colts will try to answer throughout 2015, but the final exam will come in the postseason (if they are able to make it that far).

Clayton Lyons (Australia)

i can't believe I just found out number 12 was in Australia for a holiday. I would have loved to met Andrew and had a couple beers with the best QB in the NFL My question is what will the offensive line do to improve our running game? Andrew made comment it is a team concept that makes a good running side. Will the colts become a zone style offence with a lot of play action which suits frank, Andre and TY? This would play into all the strengths of these players!

Bowen: Where, or rather if, the Colts draft an offensive lineman will be interesting to watch unfold over the next three days. Right now, the Colts have 10 offensive linemen on their roster with starting experience in the NFL. That's a pretty high number entering the offseason. I think the biggest question mark to decide how high the Colts should draft another offensive lineman is the health of Gosder Cherilus. Colts Owner Jim Irsay still thinks offensive tackle is a need, even with Cherilus looking to return in June. If that is the case, I think an offensive line pick can wait a bit this week. A healthy Cherilus, plus the potential of Todd Herremans/Hugh Thornton at right guard, should definitely improve the Colts line in 2015.

Isak H. (Mexico City)

Hey Kevin,

I just figured that the next time the mailbag comes out, there will be 9 new colts. I wanted to welcome all of them as they get drafted and sish them a very successful colts career.

Good luck in the draft.

Bowen: Isak, your question falls the day before the Colts are scheduled to add nine drafted rookies in 2015. Of course, that number can easily fluctuate with trades. Right now, the Colts roster sits at 72 players so that means up to 18 rookies can be added to the 90-man roster before Phase II of the offseason program begins next Monday.

Evan Bolin (Franklin)

What do you think our chances are on drafting a running back?

Bowen: I think the chances are very good. Now, where to select one is the tougher question to answer in regards to a running back. Ryan Grigson likes what he sees from this running back class and several mock drafts have the Colts taking a ball carrier as high as a second round pick. Grigson did point out that of course with a deeper position group that allows for some great value picks, something the Colts have found at the skill positions before (T.Y. Hilton-third round, Donte Moncrief-third round and Vick Ballard-fifth round). To get back to your question, I would be surprised if the Colts did not take a running back later this week.

Javier Garza Jr. (Tijuana, Mexico)

Hey Mr Bowen,

I just read an article in about how the colts are scouting outside your borders. I'd love to know if Ryan Grigson scouts in Mexico too. After all, the Mexican league is considered one of the best international leagues, and there are players who actually play football and not rugby or basketball. Obviously, the quality of the league in not close to the NFL, but there are plenty of good players who play various positions.

Bowen: Javier, the Colts have it covered when it comes to scouting international prospects. The article you read told the story of just how the Colts go about making sure they have their bases covered from a global perspective. Pro Scout/Special Product Jon Shaw spearheads this effort. I think it's only a matter of time before we see more talent in the league down there, especially with the NFL presence continuing to spread south of the border.

Blake McGill (Mt. Washington, Kentucky)

with all that is going on right now I find myself wanting to know more I have the colts mobile app and I have them as my favorite team on NFL mobile so I'm getting all the news you guys are putting out but I want to get more involed. I want to know more how can I get more involved

Bowen: There's not a more action-packed week in the offseason than this (I put it ahead of free agency just because of all the rapid fire uncertainty involved in the draft). Blake, you seem to have everything covered for your Colts coverage. and/or the mobile app are your best bets for news from all types of mediums (written, video, audio, and photos). If you are on social channels, make sure you are following the Colts on Twitter and Facebook.

Davey K (Greentown)

What are the chances the Colts take a mobile quarterback in the later rounds to use in a wildcat formation?

Bowen: Well, I can't really say we've received this type of mailbag question. Let's first say that I definitely expect the Colts to bring another quarterback in once on-the-field work begins later next month. Just from a numbers standpoint, having a third quarterback with Andrew Luck and Matt Hasselbeck is needed for a roster approaching 90 players. Now, to your specific question, I can't see it happening. The Colts have nine picks and ideally all of those selections would make the 53-man roster or find a spot on the practice squad. A third quarterback would not dress on game days so that rules out the "Wildcat" scenario you have proposed. Logistically, I just can't see it happening. Maybe Josh Cribbs takes some "Wildcat" snaps in 2015, if he wins the return man job again. I don't see enough value in dressing a player on game day to see the field for limited snaps and be a third-string quarterback.

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