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Colts Mailbag

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Colts Mailbag Weekend Edition

Intro: In Saturday’s mailbag, readers inquire about the depth chart, the run defense and rookie running back Josh Robinson.





INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday or Saturday mailbag.

With the abundance of questions in recent weeks, we will have try and have two mailbags each week. This one comes via a weekend edition (here’s the Wednesday mailbag version from this week).

Here is this weekend's collection:Logan Waterman (Philadelphia, PA)

Do you see CFL standout Ben Heenan having a good chance at starting?

Bowen: As the Colts are reaching the end of their offseason program, it looks like Heenan will be competing behind the starting unit for a spot. The guard rotation so far has been some combination of Hugh Thornton, Lance Louis and Todd Herremans during the team portion of OTAs. Jack Mewhort will also be thrown into that mix when he becomes full-go again (assuming the Colts don't slide him over to right tackle). There was a little talk of Heenan possibly playing some center, but Khaled Holmes and Jonotthan Harrison are getting those reps. Of course, the Colts are going to need some interior depth behind the starters and I fully expect Heenan to be in that competition, once the offensive line really ramps things up at Training Camp with the full pads being strapped on.

Creighton Howell (Logansport, IN)

First off I would like to say how happy I am with everything the colts team has done as a whole this offseason. I still do have some questions about how the colts will do against the run. I still don't see them stopping the run that well in 2015. Could you give me any insite

Bowen: The answers to your question are going to have to wait a bit. Last year, the Colts finished the season 18th against the run. To find themselves in the top half of the league, I point to two key factors. The first starts with the health of Arthur Jones. It's hard to put a burden on Jones' health as such a vital key, but the numbers back it up. The Colts were nearly a full yard better against the run when Jones was on the field last season. There's a reason the Colts gave him the type of deal they did last offseason. Second, the Colts need to see their younger defensive linemen begin to take on expanded roles. With Jones and Kendall Langford being the likely starters, guys like Josh Chapman, Montori Hughes, Zach Kerr and even Kelcy Quarles have to be ready for major reps. If those guys in the trenches can consistently win, the Colts linebackers should be wide eyed at the tackle possibilities coming their way in 2015.

Gary Caudullo (Port St Lucie, FL)

This is for the old time Colts fans. We use to have a running back that was nick named the bowling ball. I will give them a hint. He wore the same number that Boom is wearing now. I not sure of the spelling. His name was Norm Botloish..I have been a Colts fan since 1969 and I have to say. I have never been more excited for a season to start then I am for this one. GO COLTS!!!!!

Bowen: I believe you are referring to "Norm Bulaich", a running back from TCU. He played for the Colts from 1970-1972. However, the "bowling ball" was Don Nottingham, who played for the Colts from 1971-1973. Current rookie Josh Robinson is the other player that Gary is talking about in the question above. While we won't get a chance to see Robinson's true "bowling ball" mentality until Training Camp, he's shown some nice hands catching the ball out of the backfield during OTAs.

Isak H. (Mexico City)

How does the depth chart seem to look right now?

Bowen: Well, with a 90-man roster this question is pretty fluid this time of year. If you have any specific position battles you're curious about send those in, and I'll try and answer them next week. If we are talking just about starters, the current lineup is about what you would expect based off last year's returners, the key free agent signings and the guys currently dealing with injuries—Gosder Cherilus (Joe Reitz at right tackle) and Robert Mathis (Jonathan Newsome at outside linebacker).

James Ingalls (New Jersey)

Will the Colts ever have or wear an alternate uniform this coming season?

Bowen: I know the Colts wore their throwback uniforms back in 2004 against the Lions on Thanksgiving. They also wore some in 2010 against the Eagles. I have not heard any talk on alternate uniforms for this coming season, from within the organization. I know the NFL talked about the possibility of having teams wear alternate uniforms on Thursday night games this year but nothing has come out of that talk.

Marcus Tygart (Northwest Connecticut)

Hi Kevin,

I noticed that 4 out of our 5 potential starting offensive lineman are 6'6" or taller. Are there any benefits of having a tall offensive line?

Bowen: Marcus, I think the obvious benefit is normally the taller the person, the longer the wing span. This is a benefit for offensive linemen when it comes to engaging defensive linemen and not having to reach to do so, and therefore be off balance. With a quarterback like Andrew Luck (6-4), having taller offensive linemen isn't an issue in terms of him scanning over the top of the line to find receivers.

Sunil Anaokar (Houston, TX)

After living in Indianapolis for 19 years to raise two wonderful boys, my wife and I moved to Houston, Texas. However, my sons and I are still die-hard Colts fans and never miss watching Colts games on TV whenever they are available. However, one thing that I miss a lot is Bob Lamey's color commentary on the radio. Can you tell me whether I can access it on a radio station that can be tuned in from Houston? I loved to turn the sound of TV off and listen to Bob's commentary on radio whenever I watched the Colts' games on TV when I lived in Indy.

Bowen: Sunil, your best bet is to purchase an account to SIRIUS where you can access local radio broadcasts for NFL games. That should allow you to sync up the radio call with your television broadcast out of state. For people in Indiana, you can catch the radio call for games via the Colts Mobile App.

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