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Colts Mailbag

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Colts Mailbag: Could The Colts Be A Candidate To Play In London?

Intro: This week, mailbag readers inquire about the Colts running back group, Hakeem Nicks and Daniel Adongo’s influence on future international talent coming to the NFL.





INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday mailbag.

Here is this week's collection:David Hargis (Martinsville, IN/Fort Hood, TX)

We have two really good running backs. It just seems to me we don't have that home run ability back that donald brown gave us. So would we address this in the draft or free agency? There are some really good backs coming out of college this year and ones right down the road Tevin Coleman out of Indiana what's the chances on getting a running back that explodes like that. Bradshaw is a good every down back Richardson is really good in short yardage we just need that one guy to come in and take it for big chunks of yards like Brown did for us.

Bowen: I think Ahmad Bradshaw would beg to differ with you on his home run ability in this offense. There's a ton of football to be played in 2014 before attention should shift towards possible targets in free agency or the draft. Also, Boom Herron has shown a nice burst in limited action during the preseason and the regular season.

Michelle M (Fort Wayne, IN)

Totally estatic with shutting out the Bengals.. My question, where was Hakeem nicks? Not one catch... I like him, alot... Is he and luck not on the same page yet or cant he get open? I just don't understand.!

Bowen: A few Nicks questions this week as fans didn't have many inquiries specifically about the Colts dominance over the Bengals. Nicks did play just 19 snaps on Sunday against the Bengals, his fewest of the season. Depending on the health of Reggie Wayne, the Colts will definitely have to rely on more reps from Nicks. We knew this Colts offense was going to have games where certain skill guys didn't see the ball as others. Remember it wasn't long ago that Dwayne Allen didn't see a target against the Eagles.

Dab Frederick (Gaston, IN)

They keep saying that the Colts have recovered 3 onside kicks this season. I can't remember the first one. When was it?

Bowen: The first one was in Denver during the Colts comeback bid in the regular season opener. Colts special teams veteran Andy Studebaker recovered a mis-handled kick by the Broncos.

Joshua Worthington Simes (Sydney, Australia)

G'day Kevin!

Big hello from down here in Australia.

Do you think the NFL is changing in regards to overseas players coming to play in the league (need not look further than our own Colts with Daniel Adongo)?

Bowen: Thanks for checking in, Joshua. I think you are going to see the impact of a find like Adongo really going forward. Teams are always looking for innovative ways to find hidden gems (the Colts right there with anyone) so international scouting is going to be something to watch in the future. You are starting to hear more and more stories about foreign-born players who are making teams around the league and I don't expect that to stop anytime soon.

Samuel McQuage (Hopewell, Virginia)

Is Harrison our starting center from here on out? Pagano said he would do what is best for the team to win. I know the NFL isn't 100% fair, but it seemed that Shipley was doing a great job while Harrison has had 4 mistakes in the past two games, one that led to a touchdown. Also, is Khaled Holmes not even in the cards for any playing time? It seemed he was praised for being great this offseason. Thanks, Go Colts!

Bowen: Last week, I wrote in-depth on what the center position has become for Indianapolis. All of your questions are answered in there. To sum up, what was thought to be a position of question this offseason has turned into a promising group with some depth in the interior.

Shawn Wayne (South Carolina)

the colt have a good o line that protect luck why is the running game not so good

Bowen: Shawn, the Colts running game certainly looked good on Sunday with 171 yards on the ground, the highest output the team has had in over a year. Each of the Colts three running backs carried the ball at least a handful of times on Sunday and all finished the day with more than five yards per carry. Chuck Pagano said on Monday that what the offense did against the Bengals is the ideal blueprint for success.

Robbie Herrick (Luton, England)


I'm sure you must have been asked but I wondered if we would ever see the Colts play in London? Does the NFL dictate? choosen by ballet? or do franchises request?

Dare the dream!

Bowen: It sounds like the NFL will be deciding on next year's games in London here in a couple of weeks when the Cowboys and Jaguars play overseas. You would think the Colts would be an attractive team for London considering the history of Andrew Luck and Bjoern Werner in Europe.

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