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Each week readers of can submit questions about the team and have the chance for their questions to be answered. Here are this week’s answers to selected questions that were sent. To submit a question for Craig you can visit the COLTS MAILBAG or tweet your question with the hashtag #COLTSMAILBAG.





INDIANAPOLIS – Readers of may submit questions during the week and have a chance to have them answered during the middle of each week.  *Please feel free to submit your questions here. *Here are responses to some of the questions received recently.  We thank you for your interest in the Colts.

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ANDREW F. (from Milwaukee, WI) First off, great season.  I predicted 10 and 6.  I was close.  (I've) been a fan here in Cheeseheadville since 1998.  I know the Colts have the most free money and I'm hoping to see one big free agent come.  What are you hearing on that front?

A:  You are one of quite a few Colts fans located up there.  Thanks for the support in hostile territory.  The team does have more money at its disposal this year than last year, but whatever is spent will be done so wisely.  Ryan Grigson's aggressive nature is tempered with the right amount of restraint so while I do think you'll see some action, it will be measured appropriately.  There is a good program in place here and attracting the right kind of person for the program is very important.  I don't know that you will hear any real discussion from us.  Free agency is more of a "show you" proposition than a "talk about it."  Here's hoping we have the same productive time in free agency that we did last year.

JAY P. (from Cynthiana, IN) Will Josh Chapman be healthy and able to return for the 2013 season?

A:  We sure hope so.  Josh was a valiant player at Alabama who competed for a long time with an injury while helping his team win a national championship in his final season.  We tried to bring him along last year knowing that any contributions would be down the line, but it just didn't work out.  Josh remains very much in the plans, and I bet people will like what they see when he gets out there.  His physique and talents can lend big-time to the defense.  In one sense, it's almost like having another draft pick this year.

JENNINGS H. (from Logansport, IN) I heard we play the Broncos this next season. Are we going to have a battle of the horses? Or should I say battle of the quarterbacks?

A:  I doubt very little that game will sneak up on anyone, and on paper it sure looks like a day no one will forget.  It should be a game that networks will arm wrestle for, and I bet most of the nation will see it.  Both teams had great seasons in 2012.  We'll have a full house for that one, and, like always, it will be rocking.

JARED R. (from Rochester, NY) Would the Colts be willing to draft Montee Ball in the draft?

A:  Would love to help you, but I cannot speak for the organization on Montee or any other player for that matter.  What can't be disputed is his production at Wisconsin.  What a career he had against very good competition.  Football people like productive players in big programs.  They like them from smaller ones, too.  That is one thing you can say he did, and did well – produce.  A publicist had to have fun writing about him, and I know Badger fans loved him, too.

D.A. (from Texas) We haven't heard about Dwight Freeney's status about his future with the Colts. Will he be offered a contract or does it appear that Freeney will leave and play for another team?

A:  Dwight is one of a number of unrestricted free agents.  While people always want updates, there will be a time for that down the line.  He worked hard in the new system last year, and raw numbers did not depict his value.  The coming weeks will be interesting on every team's free agent front.

MARK M. (from Shavertown, PA) I have been a fan since "Johnny U" and I've always been impressed with our offense over the years. But ever since (Bob) Sanders left the defense went downhill. Is there a chance we go after (Darrelle) Revis?  He would be a great fit.

A:  Mark, thanks for the long-time support.  Sounds like you go back to the days of Jerry Logan and Rick Volk, and I'm sure you liked the physical nature Bob brought for a few years.  As far as commenting on league personnel, I will have to decline like I've stated above.  We love it that fans are engaged and have opinions of all kinds.  The NFL is a great reality show, but that show won't start until mid-March.  I'm sure you'll be tuned in.   

LESLIE A. (from England)  Hello, I'm a UK Colts fan my wife and I came over to Indy back in 1997 and saw a live game back then it was in the RCA Dome.  Any chance the Colts will come to the UK and play at Wembley. Also wanted to say thanks to all at the Colts for a great season. Well done.

A:  We appreciate the support from the UK.  I hope we get over there sometime, but we'll have to see if something were to materialize.  The league has done well there and should continue to do so.  There are knowledgeable fans in your area, and I know they like the NFL.  Maybe we'll be included at some point.  Until then, thanks for the nice words about last year.  The guys bought into what Coach Pagano preached.  A new standard has been set, according to coach, and we hope to make more progress next year.  As for your visit in 1997, I hope it was either for the Green Bay or Miami game.  If so, you had a great day.

JORDAN F. (from New Jersey) Will the Colts play a big part in signing free agents this year since we got a lot of money to spend on free agents?

A:  I appreciate you checking in, and you asked the same question basically as Andrew from Milwaukee.  Please see above, and thanks.

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