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Each week readers of can submit questions about the team and have the chance for their questions to be answered. Here are this week’s answers to selected questions that were sent. Please visit to learn how to submit questions.





Readers of may submit questions during the week and have a chance to have them answered during the middle of each week.  Here are responses to some of the questions received recently.  We thank you for your interest in the Colts.

To submit a question for Craig you can visit the COLTS MAILBAG or tweet your question with the hashtag #COLTSMAILBAG

MARTIN T. (from Germany) Don't you find it a little disgusting to have a pretty girl shave her had to have people donate money for cancer?  I think it's sick, sorry.

A:  One thing a person is entitled to is his or her opinion.  I am glad you shared yours.  Megan made the decision on her own to show her support for Coach Pagano by doing this.  Part of Megan's reason, too, is she has had several friends and family members who have had cancer, so she wanted to do this to show her support for them.  Megan also has volunteered at a local children's hospital, and she has seen young girls lose their hair.  She wanted to show a person may still be beautiful without hair.  Through this effort, we were able to raise $22,670 for leukemia research, and that brings the total CHUCKSTRONG effort to more than $250,000.  Megan also was able to influence a second squad member, Crystal Ann, to do the same, and it was a very moving moment in our stadium last Sunday.  I don't know that it will change your opinion, but Megan felt very strongly about hers.  So did Crystal Ann.

EDDY L. (from Stamford, CT) How did you get two amazing girls that do so much good?  Their act has to be one of the, no is the highlight of the, NFL (season).  I hope you are as proud of them as I am.

A:  Eddy, thanks for the response.  I join you in commending their "all-in" nature for the cause.  In addition, the hair they shaved will be used for "Locks of Love," an effort that helps make wigs for cancer patients.  I think it was a great moment for the organization, and cheerleaders are great PR extensions for every team.  There is a lot more that goes into being a cheerleader than one might imagine, and the Colts have had some great community success stories from their cheerleaders over the last 29 years.  I am glad you loved the moment, and I hope it helps you follow the team.  Maybe Megan and Crystal Ann read the mailbag and will see your compliments.

* *

MARK S. (from North Carolina) Why is Pat Angerer not starting and playing so sparingly?

A:  Pat had a tough break (literally) when he broke a foot on the very first play of preseason.  He has been working his way back into things recently, and coaches know he is a play-maker.  Anyone who gets 175 tackles like he did last year would fall into that category, and I think you will see it happen as the season moves on.  Pat's star has not dimmed.  He is one of the more instinctive players on the team, and the linebacking corps is stocked with play-makers.  If you are a fan of his as it appears you are, you have picked a solid guy.      

SUSIE S. (from Greenwood, IN) Can you tell me why there continues to be a question mark at the "Home of the Brave" during national anthem on the Jumbotron?

A:  You are very perceptive and thanks for writing.  If you check the song lyrics, a question mark has been placed there per numerous reference sources that we checked.  A question mark also can be found during the anthem after the words "gleaming" and/or "streaming."  Why we don't put them there as well, I'm not sure.  If there is a better explanation someone else has out there as background, please feel free to pass it along.

MIKE N. (from Ohio) Do you think the Colts will be able to get to the playoffs after they play Houston twice?

A:  I sure hope so, but we will be in hot water if we look past Detroit and Tennessee first.  Life at 7-6 and playing at Houston would not be what we want.  Coaches have been very good at putting blinders on players to keep the focus only on the next game.  Any change in that now would be a killer.  Let's just try to get to win number eight this Sunday.

JOHNATHON F. (from undisclosed location) What should the Colts' defensive game plan be against (Calvin) Johnson and Company considering Vontae Davis may miss the upcoming game?

A:  We have only seen Calvin Johnson once, and he had nine receptions for 110 yards and a touchdown.  Matthews Stafford is first in attempts and yards and second in completions.  Johnson is fifth in receptions and first in yards.  He lines up in different places on the offense, and Head Coach Jim Schwartz loves the overall game of the first-time team captain.  Johnson poses a real threat.  Vontae Davis could be back, though.  Pressure on the passer is a secondary's best friend.  Dwight Freeney has sacks against 27 teams, but has none against Detroit.  Maybe Dr. Freeney and his gang can bring heat to assist.  Players do love challenges.  Johnson and Company will be a challenge.

BILL W. (from Rochester, NY) Will Clifton Geathers be a suitable replacement for Fili Moala?

A:  Clifton has been here for a few weeks now and knows his teammates and the system.  Football runs deep in the Geathers family, so this is a chance for him.  It's a tough thing for Fili, one of the team's nicest guys, but I know he would want Clifton to step in big time.  Clifton will be in the mix with Lawrence Guy and Ricardo Mathews.

FRANK T. (from Boise, ID) To whom and where can I send a check for the cancer research effort led by the cheerleaders?

A:  You may do so to:  Indianapolis Colts Foundation, Attn: CHUCKSTRONG Fund, P.O. Box 535000, Indianapolis, IN  46253.  Thank you very much for the support.  You are from an area quite dear to Coach Pagano, and I know he would thank you warmly for the support.  He met his wife, Tina, at Boise State.  You may already know all this, but in case you didn't……

STEVE Y. (from Los Angeles, CA) Amazing to the spirit of humanity the Colts organization has due to the illness of one of its members. How is this kind of spirit achieved that so many people including the cheerleaders cut their hair in support of the cause? This is a characteristic I wish more organizations had.

A:  It's hard to explain the human spirit, but Chuck Pagano is an amazing person who has touched so many people in different ways.  Those closer to him really see it, while others maybe just feel his genuine nature.  Chuck's personality and illness have helped galvanize something here that has been something remarkable to observe.  Many have shown support by shaving their heads or are growing goatees and even those who haven't still are in support of his fight.  We have heard from many like you who have seen it from afar.  Keep hanging in there with Chuck and with others who share the same fight he is having.

LESTER S. (from Carshalton Surrey, England) Is Andrew everything that you hoped for, or is he more?  From what I've seen so far on TV back in the UK his decision- making, leadership and football skills are coming through already, you must be so pleased.

A:  Bruce Arians has had four prominently-drafted quarterbacks – Peyton Manning, Tim Couch, Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck – during his NFL career.  All but Roethlisberger were taken with the first overall choice, and Arians said Luck is the most advanced of the bunch he has coached.  Andrew is everything the club had hoped for and more.  His intellect, physical ability and competitive nature are exemplary, and he has a command that is just as solid.  Let's watch him become the first Andrew Luck and see where it goes.  Keep watching over there and thanks for the long-distance support.  We have played in Tokyo and Mexico City, maybe we will be in your area sometime.

OMAR C. (from Mexico City) I'm a huge fan of Colts since I was 8 and I'm noticing that our team could reach the playoffs as a wildcard team. However, I want you to analyze this question, was it because the Colts are ready to show their true power, or because they had an easy schedule? I want to know if they feel ready.

A:  We are in the hunt with five games left, but all 7-4 means is you can't go 6-10.  We'll approach it weekly, but the fact is we are better now than we were this time last year.  The team has earned its record, and it wants to keep ahead of those behind it in the AFC.  It is winning close games, but does need to play at a more consistent level on the road.  To say it has been an easy schedule would be wrong.  Nothing comes easily in this league.  There is a unity and purpose for this team, and they are ready each Sunday.

TIM Y. (from Zionsville, IN) Is there a special provision in the player salary cap rule that allows for signing a free agent in the event of an injury? Or do teams have to leave room under the cap to manage those situations?

A:  The NFL salary cap does not have any such provision for injuries.  Once the cap limit is set annually around March, it is a firm number that provides no wiggle room.  Teams must plan accordingly, and having a talented person or group of people involved is critical.  The cap originally went in place in 1994, so teams have been doing this a long time.  It is not an easy process, nor is it forgiving.

To submit a question for Craig you can visit the COLTS MAILBAG or tweet your question with the hashtag #COLTSMAILBAG

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