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Colts Happy To Have Antonio Cromartie On Their Side Now

Intro: Colts fans know all too well what Antonio Cromartie has done to them from opposing sidelines. Now, Cromartie is a Colt and that’s more than okay with Robert Mathis.


INDIANAPOLIS – This Saturday night, a game of football will be played in Indianapolis with Antonio Cromartie and Darren Sproles present.

Those names strike fear for Colts fans.

Throughout more than a decade in the NFL, Cromartie and Sproles have feasted when seeing the Colts on the opposite sideline.

On Saturday, Sproles will still be on the visiting sideline.

Cromartie will be on the home sideline.

"I love the irony," Cromartie says of joining a team he's had so much success against in 10 NFL seasons.

"I love it."

Not that it needs to be brought up again, but fans can go back all the way to 2007 to remember what Cromartie has done to the Colts.

  • In his first NFL start (Nov. 11, 2007), Cromartie had three interceptions against Peyton Manning and the Colts. Manning would throw six picks in this Sunday Night Football matchup and the Colts left San Diego with a 23-21 loss.
  • In a 2010 Wild Card contest at Lucas Oil Stadium, it was Cromartie's kick return that virtually ended the Colts season. Down two with 53 seconds remaining, Cromartie's 47-yard kickoff return offered the Jets one final chance. A Nick Folk field goal at the final gun gave the Jets a 17-16 road playoff victory.
  • And just for good measure, Cromartie has gotten Andrew Luck, too. In Luck's rookie season, Cromartie had an interception of No. 12, in a 35-9 win for the Jets.

Cromartie hadn't been a Colt for a day and yet he had already heard the horror stories from those inside the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center.

"It's been mentioned a lot around here," Cromartie said with a laugh.

"Me and Sproles were called the Colts' killers through our years."

Over the past few days, Cromartie has talked with Robert Mathis, a guy who has tried to forget those games.

Mathis and Cromartie are friends, having played two Pro Bowls together.

The days of Cromartie, a 2006 first-round pick, making things torturous for Mathis have finally come to a close.

"He's been a pain in the (butt), but now he's on our side so I'm happy now," Mathis said earlier this week of Cromartie coming to Indy.

"He has an impressive rap sheet, four-time Pro Bowler. We know he can definitely help us hold the fort until our guy (Vontae Davis) heals up. He's definitely going to make us a stronger team."

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