Colts Get Playoff Help On Sunday

Intro: With the Colts on a mini-bye this past weekend, they did get some big help with the Houston Texans losing. What does the AFC South look like with five weeks to go in the regular season?


INDIANAPOLIS – While the Colts were resting on Sunday, and rest is what this team definitely needed, they did get some good news in their AFC South hopes.

Houston's loss to the San Diego Chargers bunched up the AFC South even more.

With five weeks remaining in 2016, the Texans (6-5), Titans (6-6) and Colts (5-6) are all within a game of each other.

Based off current tiebreaking scenarios, the Colts would win a head-to-head tie with the Titans, but not against the Texans.

Tiebreakers involving just the Colts and Texans are not in the favor of Indianapolis. The Colts would likely have to win the division outright if it came down to them and the Texans battling at the top of the AFC South.

Here's a look at the remaining schedules for the Texans, Colts, Titans:

  • Texans (6-5): at Packers (4-6), at Colts (5-6), Jaguars (2-9), Bengals (3-7-1), at Titans (6-6).
  • Titans (6-6): Bye, Broncos (7-4), at Chiefs (8-3), at Jaguars (2-9), Texans (6-5).
  • Colts (5-6): at Jets (3-8), Texans (6-5), at Vikings (6-5), at Raiders (9-2), Jaguars (2-9).
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