Colts Carry One-Game AFC South-Lead Into Bye Week

Intro: The 2015 NFL season is nine weeks old. What does the AFC South look like after nine weeks?


INDIANAPOLIS – The AFC South had their best weekend of the season on Sunday.

It started down in New Orleans where the Titans, with rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota back under center, knocked off the Saints in overtime.

The Colts then took down the undefeated Broncos, 27-24.

With Houston on a bye, the Jaguars almost made it a perfect day for the division. However, they fell to the New York Jets, 28-23.

In Week 10, the Colts will have their bye week with the other three division teams already having had their bye.

Here's a look at the AFC South through Week Nine:

1. Indianapolis (4-5, 3-0 in the division)

-Remaining Schedule: @Falcons, Buccaneers, @Steelers, @Jaguars, Texans, @Dolphins, Titans

2. Houston (3-5, 2-1 in the division)

-Remaining Schedule: @Bengals, Jets, Saints, @Bills, Patriots, @Colts, @Titans, Jaguars

3. Jacksonville (2-6, 0-2 in the division)

-Remaining Schedule: @Ravens, Titans, Chargers, @Titans, Colts, Falcons, @Saints, @Texans

4. Tennessee (2-6, 0-2 in the division)

-Remaining Schedule: Panthers, @Jaguars, Raiders, Jaguars, @Jets, @Patriots, Texans, @Colts

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