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Colts-Cardinals Final Game Report

Colts-Cardinals Final Game Report





Arizona 40, Colts 11


Reed returned the kickoff to the Colts' 23.  Daniel Herron burst for 22 yards to the Colts' 45 at the two-minute warning.  Herron ran for four yards on first down.  Herron ran up the middle for five yards.  On third-and-one, Herron ran for two yards as the game ended.

Taylor gained no yards on first down.  Fitzgerald had a four-yard reception to set up third-and-seven.  Ellington had a reception for eight yards to the Colts' 29, and Indianapolis was flagged for a personal foul.  From the 14, Taylor rushed for three yards, then rushed for three more.  On third down, Taylor ran again up the middle for one yard.  Feely hit a 25-yard field goal with 2:17 left.  Arizona 40, Colts 11.   

Brazill is questionable to return with a back injury.

From the 20, Fleener had a 12-yard reception to start the drive.  Under duress, Luck evaded pressure and missed Saunders.  Brazill had a nine-yard reception on a quick-hitter.  Luck and Brazill could not connect on a sideline route.  On fourth-and-one, Richardson was stuffed for no gain to end the drive.

An onside kick failed when the Colts touched the ball before it went 10 yards.  Arizona started at the Colts' 39.  Mendenhall gained short yardage off right tackle.  Francois batted Palmer's second-down pass.  On third-and-nine, Palmer hit Roberts for 32 yards to the six.  After a holding call, Fitzgerald caught a short pass that gained two yards.  Palmer and Housler worked a completion to the Colts' three.  Palmer and Fitzgerald missed on a fade route to bring up fourth down.  Feely hit a 21-yard field goal.  Arizona 37, Colts 11.

Vontae Davis is out with a groin injury.

Richardson was caught for a three-yard loss on a first-down rush.  After an offsides penalty, Luck hit Brazill for 12 yards and a first down to the 30, then hit Hilton for 11 yards and another first down.  Richardson ran for six yards on first down, then had an eight-yard reception to the Arizona 45.  After a holding call, Luck and Hilton missed on a first-and-20 pass.  DHB had a 10-yard reception to get back to the original scrimmage line.  Luck scrambled for 28 yards to the Cardinals' 17.  Luck and Hilton could not hit near the goal-line.  From the shotgun, Luck missed Brown on a short out-route.  On third-and-10, Fleener caught a 17-yard TD pass from Luck.  In the shotgun for two points, Luck hit DHB for the score.  Arizona 34, Colts 11.

Zastudil punted 37 yards to the 16 to start the fourth quarter.


Mendenhall was caught for a two-yard loss on first down, but Palmer hit Floyd for a first down to the Arizona 46.  Mendenall ran off the right side for two yards, then Ellington gained four yards.  Ellington had a 13-yard reception to the 35.  Palmer and Fitzgerald missed deep on first down.  After a holding call, Palmer threw high to Roberts.  On third down, Francois took Palmer down for his second sack in the game as the quarter ended.

Reed returned the kickoff to the Colts' 31.  Luck and Weslye Saunders did not connect on a long slant route to start the drive.  Brown was caught for a two-yard loss on a second-down pass.  Luck and Fleener missed on third down.  McAfee punted 54 yards and after a 12-yard Peterson return, Arizona started at its 29.

With 11:08 left in the period, Mendenhall ran for two yards, then Ellington was stopped for no gain.  Palmer hit Jaron Brown for 16 yards and a first down at the Indianapolis 46.  Mendenhall gained one yard on a rush, then Ellington was caught for a five-yard loss.  Palmer and Floyd picked up 14 yards and a first down with a sideline completion.  Mendenhall ran for two yards on first down.  Palmer hit Floyd for nine yards and first down to the Colts' 25.  Palmer and Fitzgerald missed on a slant route in the end zone.  Palmer and Jim Dray missed on a short route to bring up third-and-10 from the 25.  Vontae Davis was flagged for interference at the Colts' five.  Mendenhall swept in for the score.  Arizona 34, Colts 3. 

Reed returned the half-opening kickoff to the Colts' 24.  Hilton took a short screen pass for five yards.  In the no-huddle, Luck hit Richardson for three yards.  On third-and-two, Luck and Fleener connected for a first down to the Colts' 42, 10 yards.  Luck and DHB hit for eight yards on first down, moving to midfield.  Luck was sacked to bring up a third-and-six.  Luck and LaVon Brazill hit on a slant pattern for 14 yards and a first down.  Luck and DHB worked for short yardage on first down, then missed Reed deep near the Cardinals' goal-line.  On third-and-six, Reed could not snare Luck's pass on an in-route.  On fourth-and-six, Luck and Brazill missed on an in-route. 


Fitzgerald threw the ball away on an aborted reverse.  Fitzgerald caught a short pass in the flat and was caught for a three-yard loss by Antoine Bethea and Cassius Vaughn.  Palmer and Fitzgerald converted the first down with a completion to the Colts' 39.  Palmer hit Alfonso Smith for seven yards, then Bethea broke up a seam route to Fitzgerald.  On third-and-three Werner stopped a shuffle pass as the Colts bottled up Arizona to force a field goal.  Feely hit a 50-yard field goal to end the half.  Arizona 27, Colts 3.

Luck's first-down pass was batted in the air and caught by Samson Satele for no gain.  Luck and Fleener could not hit on a second-down pass.  On third-and-10, Luck hit Hilton for short yardage and Hilton could not get the first down as the clock hit the two-minute warning.  McAfee punted 45 yards to the 38, and Peterson returned the kick to the 49.

Mendenhall gained nothing on a first-down rush.  Palmer hit Floyd on a sideline route and after breaking a tackle, Arizona had a first down on its 46.  Ricky Jean Francois sacked Palmer on first down.  On second-and-18, Ellington ran a delayed draw to the left and on second effort gained 17 yards.  Ellington was halted on third-and-one by Mathis.  Dave Zastudil punted to the Colts' 12, forcing a fair catch.

David Reed, trying to provide a spark, returned the kickoff to the 16.  From the shotgun, Luck hit Hilton on a screen to the right for five yards.  Brown ran for short yardage left on a delayed draw.  On third-and-four, Luck missed connections with DHB on an in-route.  McAfee punted 45 yards to the Arizona 33.

Luck from his 20 had to scramble left and he threw the ball away on first down.  From the shotgun, Luck was hit as he threw on second down and Karlos Dansby intercepted the pass and returned it 22 yards for a touchdown.  Arizona 24, Colts 3.

After a false start moved Arizona to its 27, Ellington ran right for four yards.  Palmer hit Housler to bring up a third-and-five.  Palmer connected with Andre Robert for a first down at the 45, plus the Colts were flagged for a personal foul.  From the Colts' 40, Ellington ran up the gut for four yards.  Palmer eluded pressure and hit Floyd for a first down to the Colts' 25, 11 yards.  Fitzgerald dropped a quick slant pass on first down.  A quick screen to Roberts was stopped for a three yards game by Davis.  On third-and-seven, Mathis had a strip-sack of Palmer to end the offensive possession.  Feely hit a 48-yard field goal.  Arizona 17, Colts 3.

Hilton has a shoulder injury but looks to return.

Starting from the 20, Donald Brown ran for no gain.  Luck on second down missed T.Y. Hilton deep down the right sideline.  On third-and-10, Luck in the shotgun and was hit when throwing to Fleener.  The Cardinals defensed the pass, forcing the Colts' second three-and-out.  McAfee punted 38 yards to the Cardinals' 42.  After a 10-yard holding penalty, Arizona started at its 32.

Fitzgerald gained four yards on first down, then Palmer hit Michael Floyd for 29 yards to the Colts' 26, with Vontae Davis in coverage.  Palmer stood in the pocket and waited for Fitzgerald to break free in the end zone, and the duo clicked for a 26-yard score.  Arizona 14, Colts 3.


Starting from the 20, Mendenhall ran for eight yards off the right side.  Mendenhall ran right again to get a first down at the 41, 13 yards.

From his 20, Luck hit Coby Fleener on a short slant route for 16 yards.  Luck hit Justice Cunningham for four yards on a sideline route.  Richardson ran for eight yards off the left side for a first down.  Arizona was caught holding on a Luck pass attempt.  Richardson ran for a yard, then Luck hit Hilton for a first down to the Arizona 34.  Luck targeted Hilton deep and Arizona interfered with him at the Cardinals' 10.  Richardson tried the middle for one yard.  Luck looked for Darrius Heyward-Bey (DHB) in the end zone, but coverage forced an overthrow.  On third-and-goal from the nine, Luck in the shotgun bought time with a scramble left but could find no receiver.  Adam Vinatieri hit a 27-yard field goal to end the drive.  Arizona 7, Colts 3.

Palmer on first down hit Mendenhall on and screen pass, and he evaded two tackles to reach the 48, 24 yards.  Arizona targeted Ellington down the hash, and he interfered with.  The penalty moved Arizona to the Colts' 28.  Stepfan Taylor gained three yards on a first-down rush, then Ellington burst for 13 yards to the 12.  On a reverse, Patrick Peterson was nailed after two yards.  From the shotgun, Palmer missed Fitzgerald in the end zone.  Palmer's third down pass was defensed by Bjoern Werner.  Feely's 28-yard field goal was blocked by Sergio Brown.

After a touchback, Andrew Luck's first pass to T.Y. Hilton was defended by Patrick Peterson.  Trent Richardson ran off left tackle for two yards.  On third-and-eight in the shotgun, Luck had to evade pressure and gained three yards on a scramble.  Pat McAfee punted 41 yards, and Arizona was penalized on the return, putting the Cardinals at their 24.

After a game-opening touchback, Rashard Mendenhall gained three yards off left tackle.  Mendenhall bounced off right tackle for 15 yards to the 38.  Carson Palmer escaped pressure on his first attempt and was almost picked off by Vontae Davis.  After a false start, Palmer hit Rob Housler on a TE screen for 15 yards and a first down.  Andre Ellington gained four yards off right tackle, then Michael Floyd picked up a first down off a crossing route.  Housler had a 20-yard reception to the Colts' 19.  Ellington gained three yards off the right side, then burst outside right again getting positive yards to the Colts' four.  Palmer finished the drive quickly by hitting Larry Fitzgerald for the score.  Arizona had no third downs on the drive.  Arizona 7, Colts 0. 

Indianapolis won the coin toss and deferred.  Arizona will receive.



WR-Da'Rick Rogers

RB-Chris Rainey

CB-Greg Toler

FB-Stanley Havili

LB-Kavell Conner

OG-Khaled Holmes

DT-Montori Hughes


Cassius Vaughn at LCB for Greg Toler.

Jack Doyle at FB/HB for Stanley Havili.

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