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Colts-Bengals Game Report Part 2

Colts-Bengals Game Report Part 2





Cincinnati 42, Colts 28


Luck missed Brazill on a short route on first down.  On second down from the gun, Luck hit Fleener for four yards.  On third-and-six, Luck's slant pass was dropped by Rogers.  McAfee punted 48 yards, but Tate returned the kick 43 yards to the Colts' 29.  Stanley Havili made the stop.  Dalton gave to Bernard for seven yards on first down.  After a five-yard penalty on Cincinnati, Eifert caught a short pass and moved to the 16 for a first down, an 11-yard play.  BJGE ran for three yards, then burst up the middle for five yards.  Dalton took it in from eight yards for the score with 4:03 to go.  Cincinnati 42, Colts 21.

BJGE gained three yards on a first down rush from the Cincinnati 26.  Dalton threw a pass away on second down.  On third down, Bernard was hauled down for a short gain to bring up fourth down.  Huber punted 70 yards into the end zone.

Cassius Vaughn returned the kickoff to the Colts' 25.  Luck and Rogers hit a short screen for seven yards.  Luck and Fleener converted first down to the Colts' 37.  Luck eluded pressure and threw incomplete on first down, but Cincinnati was flagged to give the Colts a first down at the 42.  Luck and Hilton combined on two completions to bring up a third-and-three.  From the gun, Luck hit DHB for a first down on a slant pass to the Cincinnati 39, a 12-yard gain.  Richardson ran right for four yards.  Luck and Fleener hit for six yards and a first down.  Luck then zipped a 29-yard strike to Brazill.  Cincinnati 35, Colts 21.

Dalton and Alex Smith could not connect on second down.  On third-and-six, Dalton hit Jones deep on the right sideline for 29 yards to the Colts' 11.  BJGE ran right for two yards on first down, then Dalton his Green on a fade toss for the score.  Cincinnati 35, Colts 14.


BJGE ran up the middle for three yards, stopped by Walden.  Jones took a reverse and was stopped for a three-yard loss by Sheppard, but he was called for unsportsman-like conduct penalty (taunting) to move the ball to the Colts' 44.  BJGE ran for four yards to end the quarter. 

Rainey returned the kickoff to the Colts' 19.  Luck was incomplete to Richardson on first down.  Richardson ran right for four yards to bring up a third-and-six.  From the gun with an empty backfield, Luck overthrew Fleener over the middle.  McAfee punted 55 yards, and Tate returned the kick 19 yards to the Bengals' 41.

Tate returned the kickoff to the Colts' 40.  Bernard ran for six yards off the left side.  Indianapolis was flagged for interference on the next play, putting the ball at the Colts' 42.  Bernard swept for four yards, then hit for four more.  On third-and-two from the 34, Bernard caught a swing pass, broke a tackle and took the pass to the Colts' 13, 21 yards.  After a personal foul call on the tackle, Cincinnati was at the Colts' 6.  Dalton and Green hit for a completion to the one.  Dalton hit Gresham for the score.  Cincinnati 28, Colts 14.

Luck had plenty of time to throw, then tucked the ball and ran 29 yards to the 19 to start the possession.  Luck was incomplete to Rainey on first down.  Luck and Brazill teamed for 19-yard score where Brazill weaved his way into the end zone after breaking six tackles.  Cincinnati 21, Colts 14.

Brandon Tate returned the kickoff to the Cincinnati 16.  Kelvin Sheppard halted a Dalton completion to Eifert for no yards.  Gresham caught a Dalton pass for six yards to bring up a third-and-four.  Cincinnati was called for hands to the face to bring up a third-and-14, and Bernard gained short yardage to end the possession.  Huber punted to the Cincinnati 48, a 30-yard punt.

Daniel Adongo recovered a short kickoff at the Colts' 26.  Luck and Brown missed on a first-down pass when Brown lost footing.  Brown gained give yards on a run up the middle from the shot gun.  Luck and Rogers combined on a 69-yard scoring pass to end a quick drive.  Rogers had about 50 yards after the catch.  Cincinnati 21, Colts 7.

After a touchback, BJGE ran for five yards to open drive.  Dalton was long on a deep route for Sanu.  On third-and-five, Dalton found Green on a crossing route for 22 yards.  Redding nailed Bernard for a two-yard loss on first down.  Gresham gained 16 yards on a dump pass to the Colts' 39.  Dalton hit Sanu on a slant route for 15 yards to the 24.  From the gun, Dalton went deep to Green, and Davis defensed the pass.  After a false start, Bernard took a pitch left and gained 20 yards to the Colts' nine.  After the Colts were offsides, Darius Butler was flagged for interference in the end zone.  From the one, BJGE powered in for the score.  Cincinnati 21, Colts 0.


Rainey returned the kickoff to the 27.  Luck hit Rogers for 14 yards.  From the gun, Luck was incomplete deep to Rogers on first down.  Luck hit Brazill for five yards and the Colts took their second timeout with 37 seconds left.  From the gun, Luck with an empty backfield was low to Fleener over the middle.  McAfee punted to the Cincinnati 13, and Brandon Tate returned it to the 19.  Cincinnati killed the clock.

Cory Redding is questionable to return with a quad injury.

From his 34, Dalton hit Bernard over the middle for 22 yards into Colts territory, a nice drive starter.  Dalton went back to slant pass over the middle and was complete to Mohamed Sanu for 11 yards.  From the 33, Dalton in the gun and going up tempo gave to BJGE for five yards.  Dalton went deep to Green near the goal-line and Vontae Davis was called for holding, a five-yard penalty.  Bernard swept right for 14 yards to the Colts' nine.  A fade route to Sanu in the end zone was ruled out of bounds.  From the gun, Dalton gave to BJGE for a six-yard burst to the three.  Dalton hit Jones short of the goal-line, and Davis kept him from scoring.  On fourth-and-one, BJGE was stopped short of the goal-line, but referees overturn the call and award a TD with 1:06 left in half.  Cincinnati 14, Colts 0.

Richardson bounced outside from a jumbo set and gained eight yards to start the drive.  He hit up the middle for two yards and a first down.  Luck was under duress on first down and threw the ball away to avoid a negative play.  Saunders caught a Luck pass for 11 yards and first down, getting yards after the catch.  Cincinnati was hit for offsides.  From the gun on first-and-five, Luck hit DHB on a crossing route for 11 yards.  Luck hit Richardson on a short route, and Richardson took it 22 yards to the Cincinnati 29.  Luck missed Hilton on a seam route in the end zone with coverage by Nelson and Jones.  Luck's pass to Fleener was halted when Luck's arm was batted.  On third-and-10, Luck from the gun hit Fleener for three yards to the 26.  Adam Vinatieri was wide right on a 44-yard field goal to end the drive.

Dalton and Tyler Eifert hit for nine yards up the middle to open the drive. Bernard went off left tackle, shifted gears and gained 19 yards to the Cincinnati 32.  Bernard went left again for 10 yards.  Dalton and Green hit for nine yards on a pass near the right sideline.  BJGE picked up the first down with a two-yard run to the Colts' 47.  Dalton and Eifert missed a deep route down the right sideline, with coverage by Erik Walden.  Werner batted Dalton's pass on first down.  Dalton rushed up the middle for six to bring up a punt.  Huber pooched the ball to the Colts' 12.

On second-and-101, Luck hit Rogers for seven yards.  From the 43 on third down, Luck pumped under pressure and missed Saunders in the right flat.  McAfee's punt was downed at the Cincinnati four when Sergio Brown batted the ball back into play to Josh Gordy.


Brown picked his way for three yards off the right side to start the drive.  Luck and Fleener hit on an out route for 13 yards, with T.Y. Hilton taking coverage out of the area.  From the 36, Brown gained no yards to end the quarter.

Dalton with pressure from Fili Moala threw the ball away on first down.  Gio Bernard ran for 11 yards off the left side, getting to the 40.  Cincinnati was hit for holding to bring up a first-and-20.  Bernard was stopped for a short gain by Bjoern Werner.  From the gun, Dalton and Jones missed a connection when Jones lost his footing.  On third-and-19, Dalton dumped a pass to Bernard for short yardage.  Huber punted into the end zone under pressure.

Trent Richardson gained no yardage up the middle on first down with a jumbo set, then he ran left for two yards.  In the gun, Luck and DHB could not connect for the first down.  McAfee punted to the Cincinnati 29, 36 yards.

BJGE ran up the middle for four yards to start the drive.  He then ran left for three yards.  On third-and-three.  Dalton and Green missed on a sideline pass when Green's second foot came down out of bounds, with pressure from LaRon Landry.  Huber punted 54 yards and after a fumble by Rainey fielding the kick, the Colts started at their 33.

Rainey returned the kickoff to the Colts' 23.  From the shotgun, Luck hit Jack Doyle for eight yards on the right sideline.  Going up tempo, Luck looked for Wes Saunders and he was interfered with at the Cincinnati 49, a 20-yard penalty.  Luck's swing pass to Brown was incomplete on first down.  From the gun, Luck and Hilton missed on a 10-yard out route.  On third-and-10, Luck from the gun with five receivers hit Brown for two yards.  McAfee punted to the Cincinnati one, where Sergio Brown downed the ball.

Andy Dalton hit Jermaine Gresham for eight yards to start the drive.  BenJarvus Green-Ellis (BJGE) ran for nothing on second down.  On third-and-two, Dalton hit A.J. Green on a slant route for 10 yards to the 35.  BJGE ran for two yards off right guard.  Dalton and Green hit on a slant to the right side for 17 yards.  BJGE ran for no yards on first down. Andrew Hawkins had a seven-yard reception to set up a third-and-three.  In the shotgun with three receivers left, Dalton threw right to Gresham for 10 yards and a first down with tight coverage from Antoine Bethea.  From the 29, Dalton scrambled and threw the ball away after looking deep.  Dalton looked deep left again and found Marvin Jones for the touchdown.  Dalton was six-of-seven for 81 yards on the drive.  Cincinnati 7, Colts 0.

Chris Rainey returned the opening kickoff to the 28.  Looking deep, Andrew Luck tucked and ran for three yards on first down.  Donald Brown ran for three for a third-and-four.  Luck went deep for Da'Rick Rogers but was incomplete.  Pat McAfee booted 54 yards and Cincinnati started at its 17. 

Indianapolis won the coin toss and received.  Cincinnati defended the south goal.

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