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Charles Woodson: "Marvin Harrison Was The Best Receiver I Played Against"

Intro: Pro Football Hall of Fame induction for the Class of 2016 is just days away. What do opposing players think of Marvin Harrison’s candidacy?


Of course, they have for the past two years Marvin Harrison was a Hall of Fame finalist.

Harrison will once again be debated among 46 Hall of Fame selectors this Saturday to see if 2016 is finally his year.

The numbers for Harrison haven't changed.

His candidacy, if it needed to, has grown stronger though over the years.

What do some of the game's greatest defensive backs in league history think of Harrison?

"Marvin Harrison was the best receiver I played against, especially being a young player and just learning the game at this level. He was already at a high level, and the job was made even more difficult because it seemed like every time we played the Colts it was in Indianapolis, where they played on turf -- that old AstroTurf. I hated playing on that. The Colts were fast on it, and Marvin had everything: He was bigger than you would think from watching him on film, and he was fast and quick and ran great routes. They were going to line him on the defense's left side every time, but he was tough to deal with even when you knew where he was going to be. I never was one of those guys who was going to lose sleep thinking about a matchup, but I did understand that it was going to be one of those days when I was playing him. Really, he was the only guy that I thought of like that."


"A lot has to do with the quarterback, so I'm gonna think about the guy who gave me the most problems, because I played him a lot, was Marvin Harrsion.  He was dangerous, and then he had a dangerous arm throwing him the ball, so it was tough both ways. He's definitely up there.... It's a lot about the guy throwing him the ball as well, but he was quick, fast, I mean, he could do it all."


"We played a lot of Tampa 2 with coach (Lovie) Smith, and I could never touch (Harrison), couldn't jam him. He was so quick, like a little rabbit. I missed every time. Hardest person I ever had to cover. He was unstoppable. The best I ever played against. He made me look terrible."


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