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CB Greg Toler Previews Eagles Up-Tempo Offense

Toler and the Colts defense get ready to battle Philadelphia's no-huddle offense.

INDIANAPOLIS --- The Indianapolis Colts face another high-powered offense Monday night at Lucas Oil Stadium against the Eagles. Philadelphia has averaged almost 28 points per game under head coach Chip Kelly. Meanwhile, the Colts held Peyton Manning and the Broncos to just 7 points and 60 yards passing in the 2nd half, after trailing 24-7 at the half.

Colts cornerback Greg Toler joined Wednesday to discuss the match-up:

Question: The Eagles have Jeremy Maclin, Nick Foles, Darren Sproles, LeSean McCoy...they want to go up-tempo. They want to run a lot of plays. How do you get ready for a team like that.

Toler: You just have to play the calls that we call. We're an explosive defense as well as they're an explosive offense. Hats off to those guys. Interrupt them at the line, so Nick Foles can't get a good look or get a good read. Make the plays that come your way. Don't leave any plays out there. Just play fast.

Question: If they do go up-tempo, is it harder to set your defense? Probably by design it forces defenses to be vanilla, not do anything exotic.

Toler: I think it goes hand in hand. You have to have coaches out there on the field as well. Our linebackers and safeties do a great job of relaying the calls that the coaches are getting in. So, if they check to something, we have a check that's ready as well. Like I said, we just play our call and execute the plays that come our way.

Question: The NFL is putting a lot of emphasis on defensive holding, pass interference. They're paying attention to what cornerbacks and safeties are doing. How do you adjust to what they're putting an emphasis on this year?

Toler: I think you have to play your game. I had a few flags last week. I was asking the referee what did I do to try to correct it the following play. He just said I got in the way of a receiver. So, I don't know how you don't get in the way, but now I just think you have to be a little bit more crafty with what you do. I see guys still doing little things. You may get your arm in there, but you can't hold it up as long. Lean on him. Body him off, instead of just reaching him out for him, but I think you can't change your game.

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