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Catching Up with Colts Pass Rusher Trent Cole

We caught up with new Colts pass rusher Trent Cole on Friday via FaceTime from the gym where he's training this offseason, after he found out Thursday he will debut as a Colt in the preseason in Philadelphia, where he spent the past 10 seasons.

INDIANAPOLIS --- The Colts preseason schedule came out Thursday, and we thought who better to catch up with on Friday than Trent Cole, who will be going back to Philadelphia to open the preseason where he played for 10 seasons before signing with Indianapolis this offseason. We did just that with a Colts UpClose Extra interview via FaceTime.


Steve: I know it's only preseason, but you have to be pretty excited about going right back to the place where you spent a decade.

Trent: "It's exciting. I didn't think this would ever happen. It's the first preseason (game). With any player, you're out to see what you can do, see what you've built upon. I'm very excited to be playing with the Colts, first time I'll be playing with the guys up at the Colts with new teammates and a new team. That's what I'm excited about is playing with a new team and what the future holds for us."

Steve: It looks like you're building that foundation right now. We see the free weights behind you. Where are you, and what kind of regimen are you putting yourself through?

Trent: "Cardio, power lifting, putting some miles on, as far as walking and stuff. I'm just trying to keep my cardio levels up, also staying in the weight room. I've been doing some explosion drills. I've been working on my explosion, also on my bench (pressing). Those are the things I'm keying on this year. When I'm doing explosion workouts, that helps me get off the line, when I'm trying to pass rush. It helps me get off the line faster, quicker. Also with the bench press, when you get on those big ol' linemen, you gotta be able to press them out and shed them off. Those are the things that I'm working on currently."

Steve: The offseason program with the Colts starts April 20th in Indianapolis. How excited are you to get back in the building with the rest of your new teammates and get to work?

Trent: "Very excited. I had good talks with all the coaches. The vibe was great. When you got that kind of vibe, you know what kind of team that you will be playing with, going into this 2015 season. I had a great decade playing with the Philadelphia Eagles. Now, I'll have a horseshoe on the side of my helmet and be wearing it proud. I'm very excited to get to this offseason program and get started, learning the new defense, making new friends, and starting this thing off right."

Steve: There are a lot of big outdoors fans here in Indianapolis. They've found out you're a big hunter. What's the best thing you've ever gone hunting for? What's your proudest moment as an outdoorsmen?

Trent: "I'm a big white tail (deer) hunter. Some people know that I have a television show called Blitz TV on NBC Sports Network and Destination America on Discovery Channel. I love the outdoors. That's my getaway. That's another passion of mine. When I'm not playing football, I'm thinking about hunting out in the woods trying to pursue whitetails. I'll hunt everything. I'll fish. I'm just a big outdoorsman. There's nothing like it, man. It's just a great family-oriented getaway. It's where all the BS stops."

As Chuck Pagano likes to say, "Lets hunt." Less than two weeks until Cole starts preparing to do just that with the Colts in Indianapolis.  


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