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Bjoern Werner "Destroys" Titans Game-Tying Conversion

Intro: The Colts sealed their comeback victory on Sunday thanks to one stout stop from the run defense. The play was the true definition of getting 11 hats to the ball.


INDIANAPOLIS – It's a play that sealed victory No. 1 and also a clip that is the definition of what coaches continually preach.

Eleven hats to the ball.

It's a phrase coaches use all the time to describe the need to have multiple defenders running to the ball carrier.

If one or two players can't corral the man with the ball, others are there to clean things up.

The Colts final defensive play on Sunday afternoon in Tennessee might as well be in a dictionary for the saying every defensive coach stresses in meeting rooms.

"If you want to see a whole defense swarming to the ball, in a critical moment, that's that play," Bjoern Werner said with a wide grin on Sunday afternoon.

"That's going to be a clinic right there."

As soon as the Colts sideline saw the Titans insert their jumbo package onto the field for their two-point conversion, from the one-yard line on Sunday, they knew what was coming.

Heading for the Titans huddle was No. 45 Jalston Fowler, a 254-pound fullback who just a play earlier had plunged in from one-yard out to cut the Colts lead to 35-33 with less than a minute remaining.

Fowler was getting the ball, just like he had minutes earlier.

Paving the way would be 278-defensive lineman Karl Klug, in the game to play fullback.

Their path?

Right behind the unbalanced set the Titans had lined up on the left side of their offensive line.

"Everybody knew they were going to come back to it," Werner said of the Titans' play call.

The Colts lined up with eight defenders immediately on the line of scrimmage.

From the right to left, it went Dwight Lowery, Werner, Henry Anderson, Billy Winn, David Parry, Kendall Langford, Erik Walden and Mike Adams.

The line of scrimmage had to be won and the Colts were doing it with players nowhere near the beef of what the Titans had on the field

Werner led the initial push, and the rest of the Colts followed.

"(Werner) totally destroyed the whole left side of the line and made that whole play possible," Chuck Pagano said.

"It was a phenomenal football play."

The push by Werner sent Fowler retreating and a sea of blue was only sending him further back.

Lowery, Jackson, Parry, Anderson, Winn, Langford and Adams had Fowler in their sights.

The gap discipline was there thanks to Adams cutting off any potential cutback lanes.

"Mike Adams stayed home and that's just fundamental football," Robert Mathis said of the two-point stuff by the Colts defense.

"(Fowler) bounced it back and (Adams) slammed the door and just swarmed, sealed the victory."

When Adams sprung up from the tackle, Andrew Luck was jumping for joy on the sideline.

Back at the new line of scrimmage, Werner was all smiles.

"When I came up," Werner said, "I just saw everybody running 20 yards deep and it was just amazing to see."

A behind the scenes look at the Colts game day experience!

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