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Andrew Luck Hosts Football Camp in London

Intro: With the 2014 offseason winding down, Andrew Luck is spending his final “free” days overseas hosting an American Football camp.


INDIANAPOLIS – In a few weeks, Andrew Luck will be back at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center directing traffic in the Colts offense.

On Monday, Luck was quarterbacking a far more inexperienced group, in a totally different element.

Luck and his father Oliver hosted an American football skills camp in London with around 50 youth athletes.

"We are working on football skills, focused on the offensive side of the ball, quarterbacks and then everyone else who catches the ball, quarterbacks, tight ends, running backs, tight ends, wide receivers," Luck told NFL UK on Monday.

"We've got a great group of guys today (Monday), a lot of talent, surprising level of proficiency about the game so it's been good."[


The Luck family has strong ties to Europe with Andrew spending nine years of his childhood across the pond (two years in London and the other seven in Germany).

This is the first year they have hosted such a camp but Luck said he is hoping that it will grow in the near future.

"My father was working for NFL Europe so my family has a strong affinity for American Football on this continent and in this country," Luck said.

"I love to come back to both of the countries at least once a year during the offseason to catch up with old families. I still have a bunch of family friends, a bunch of family members that live in Germany so I try to connect with them."[


A chance for Luck to return to London also allowed the architectural major to bring out his touristy side and do some sightseeing.

"It's a great walking city," Luck said of London.

"In the states, our history started in the 1600s and barely any of that is left around. It seems like every building here has some historical significance and I find that very compelling and interesting."[

For the soccer enthusiast in Luck](útbol/d1abfbf1-868d-46cd-91f3-b114b500509f), the Colts quarterback and Coby Fleener attended a West Ham/Liverpool soccer match earlier this week.

On Wednesday, as the camp moves to Munich, Germany, Luck will take in a Champions League Quarterfinal when Manchester United takes on Bayern Munich.

Playing a professional sporting event on the same continent he spent a majority of his youth was a topic addressed to Luck on Monday.

The Colts have yet to play a game in London but Luck likes what he's heard from his NFL brethren who have made the trek.

"I know guys who as soon as they came back they called me and said 'Got to go back. Got to go back.' By and large I think it's been a very pleasant experience for a lot of guys," Luck says of the London experience.

For now though, Luck's play in the land of fútbol will have to remain in a camp-like setting.

"There were some good athletes," Luck said of the campers.

"Obviously, the infrastructure and the resources aren't there. I just think they are having fun and that's what it's all about for these guys. I know it's fun for me to come over and try to impart any wisdom I may have on him."

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