On Tuesday evening, the Colts obtained cornerback Josh Gordy from St. Louis in a trade. It was just another move by the club to upgrade the playing roster. It is something General Manager Ryan Grigson and Head Coach Chuck Pagano will do in trying to field the best team possible in 2012.





INDIANAPOLIS –Tuesday night was the latest instance where General Manager Ryan Grigson had his antenna up in hopes of improving the club's playing roster.

Grigson recently told people covering the team that he will look without ceasing to make moves to land personnel who he believes will help the team win.

Indianapolis dealt with St. Louis for cornerback Josh Gordy, a second-year player who has played in 16 games with the Rams and Green Bay during his career.  The move was the most recent by Grigson, who wants to out-work the competition.

"We always look at each position every day.  If there's going to be a significant upgrade, I want to explore that.  I want to talk about it, hash it out.  I always want to get better," said Grigson earlier in camp.  "You don't want to get in a situation either where you're affecting chemistry that you've built, too.  You have to really look at it from all different angles, but always looking to get better.

"Chuck and I, we discuss each position regularly.  Communication is paramount in this whole process, and I think we've had that.  We'll take it day-by-day and try to get better every day."

Grigson landed linebackers Moise Fokou and Greg Lloyd on August 3 for cornerback Kevin Thomas.  The move proved beneficial when starting 'mike' linebacker Pat Angerer was injured on the first play against St. Louis nine days later.

Grigson work with Philadelphia on that move, the team with which he served prior to landing in Indianapolis.  He also dealt with the Eagles prior to camp in landing cornerback D.J. Johnson.  Indianapolis brought in cornerback Justin King from St. Louis in mid-June, and Grigson does put an emphasis on working with those with whom he is familiar.  He was with the Rams in personnel capacities from 1999-2003.

"There's a trust level there.  To get deals done in this league, there has to usually be a pretty significant trust level on the other side (of the transaction).  That's helpful," said Grigson.  "Again, I'm always looking to get better.  Whether it's a team I'm really familiar with, or the coaches are maybe familiar with, I still watch film.

"I have a catalogue of players I know throughout the league.  I'm going to do my due diligence on them.  If I don't specifically know coaches in our building who have been with those players, our staff is going to do its due diligence.  We're going to know who we are getting and what we're getting."

Pagano sees a relatively easy adaption process for Gordy with the Colts.

"As fast as he can pick things up we're going to throw him in there.  He's been playing, so we don't have to sit him out," said Pagano.  "He doesn't have to go through any acclimation period, which is good.  System-wise coming from where he came from (St. Louis), he will know some of the terminology, some of the calls, especially on third down, some of the pressures that we run.  It's similar things to him.

"Josh (Gordy) is a bright guy.  We'll get him in here.  We'll get him up to speed as fast as possible, get him out there, take a good look at him, be smart about what we ask of him from a call standpoint.  Certainly we can make it easy on him knowing when he's out there so he can go out there and play and play fast."

In trying to fortify the secondary, speculation has been that the club is not pleased entirely with those already here.  Pagano does not agree.  He says the team is just working the process.

"No, not necessarily," said Pagano if Gordy's acquisition indicated uneasiness.  "I think any time you have a chance to upgrade your roster (you do it).  We had a spot and an opportunity was there.  So we're daily going to look at waiver wires, trades, anything we can do to upgrade the roster."

NFL teams are dropping from 90 players to 75 on Monday, meaning there will be a major shuffling of personnel.  By virtue of its 2-14 finish last year, Indianapolis will have first crack at acquisitions.  Pagano sees that as something that might impact the team positively.

* *

"It's huge.  It's huge," said Pagano.  "So again, every day that thing comes out we're looking to (upgrade).  All the decisions we make are based on two primary things, like we've always talked about, that's the team and winning.

"If we can acquire somebody that we think can help us, help our team and help us win football games then we're going to make a move on it."

As for Grigson's style, he says it is his own.

"I'm not really following anybody's template," said Grigson.  "I'm really just kind of keeping it simple.  I will always explore anything that makes us better, and I think my actions speak to that.  I'm going to continue keep doing that.

"Again, my job is to build this team with the help of my staff and the input of the coaches.  That's what I'm going to continue to do."

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