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After 10 Years In Philadelphia, Trent Cole And Todd Herremans Fill Starting Roles In Indianapolis

Intro: Outside linebacker Trent Cole and offensive lineman Todd Herremans have arrived Indianapolis with a decade of NFL experience that could very well turn into another starting campaign in 2015.





INDIANAPOLIS – For eight seasons, then Eagles head coach Andy Reid called Trent Cole and Todd Herremans "starters" in more than 100 games.

The trio helped Philadelphia to four playoff appearances during that time, before Reid's tenure came to a close following the 2012 season.

Reid hasn't coached Cole and Herremans since that final season in Philadelphia.

When he hears their names though, the now Chiefs head coach can't hide his grin.

"Unbelievable guys," Reid says about Cole and Herremans.

"(Colts fans) will love them. Good football players. Both relentless."

Herremans' time in Philadelphia ended in late February when the Eagles released the man who had started 124 career games, at four different spots.

Cole's release came a few weeks later, after 155 career starts and 85.5 career sacks.

After a decade in the NFL, no one would have questioned if either 10-year vet had decided enough was enough.

Continuing professional football was still in the plans for both, and the connections to Ryan Grigson gave the Colts a head start on the competition.

Being thrown into a new environment after 10 seasons in one place doesn't happen often in the NFL, but these two are embracing the uniqueness.

"It's kind of refreshing when you get somewhere and you have to learn a new system and a new group of guys and everything that goes with it," Herremans says.

Herremans joined the Colts just prior to the free agency period started.

His fellow Eagles teammate was completely sold once he entered the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center a few days later.

"When I heard that the Colts wanted to bring me in, that threw a flag up for me, I know about that team. I know what they can do. I know what type of quarterback they got," Cole thought.

"I knew I was a Colt when I walked in here. I told my agent to make this thing work."

The Eagles duo exits their first offseason as starters with a new team.

Cole at outside linebacker and Herremans at right guard give the Colts two established vets who can certainly relate to the other offseason additions, bound to be in the starting lineup.

"It's good because I think part of bringing in vets like me, Andre (Johnson), Frank (Gore), Trent, you are bringing in guys that you know are behind and they will try to find somebody that will help them catch up, as opposed to a lot of rookies just come in and they kind of wait for it to click," Herremans says. "They kind of wait for the coaches to get to them.

"It's active on both sides and it's good to see how hungry these guys are to make the people around him better."

A behind the scenes look at Todd's 2015 photo shoot in the #ColtsPhotoGarage.

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