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Adam Vinatieri Not a Fan of Proposed PAT Rule

Intro: Adam Vinatieri will begin his 19th NFL season this fall. While it doesn’t appear the normal 19-yard PAT will change in 2014, what does Vinatieri think about the potential rule change?





INDIANAPOLIS – The point after touchdown was merely a formality.

The snap from Matt Overton to holder Pat McAfee and eventually to the right foot of Adam Vinatieri was executed flawlessly, just like it had been done throughout the entire 2013 season.

But what if that game-winning point in the Colts 45-44 historic comeback over the Kansas City Chiefs had been attempted from the 25-yard line?

Instead of the customary 19-yard PAT, is the NFL moving towards a longer and more challenging PAT?

According to's Judy Batista that idea is being proposed

The NFL Competition Committee has discussed experimenting this preseason with a longer -- much longer -- extra-point try. According to one member, the committee's meetings this weekend included preliminary talks about placing the ball at the 25-yard line for the extra-point kick -- which would make it a 43-yard attempt -- rather than the 2-yard line, where it is currently placed.

With the debate over the future of kicking in the NFL being discussed, Vinatieri weighed in on possible proposals near the end of the 2013 season.[

Awarding four points to field goals of more than 50 yards is something Vinatieri suggests]( but he also has an opinion about potentially changing the distance of a PAT.

For Vinatieri, the decision needs to be made on whether or not this is a safety issue or a performance issue with just five missed extra points out of 1,200 last year.

"If it's truly a safety thing then moving it back to a 43-yard field goal doesn't do anything safety wise," Vinatieri said earlier this month on Steve Gorman Sports.

"If anything, it potentially could be more risky for guys because guys probably rush harder because they know that could get blocked."

In 2013, less than one percent of extra points were missed during the regular season.

Compare that to an 83 percent conversion rate from field goals of 40-to-49 yards and this rule change would certainly add some intrigue and strategy.

The conversion rate of field goals between 40 and 49 yards last season was 83 percent.

"The potential two-point conversion comes much more into play," Vinatieri said if the new rule is ever proposed and passed.

"You are really starting try and downplay the importance of a kicker and/or trying to weed us out in some way. Forty-three yards definitely does make a big difference. If you are going to miss 15-20 percent of those what's that going to be for the outcome of the game?"

Last year, 31 games in the NFL were decided by either one point or went to overtime.

It goes without saying that a change this significant in a play worth one point could have a major impact on the game of football.

"Getting rid of the extra point is not only doing a disservice to kickers but also to the entire league," Vinatieri says.

"I don't think you fix something that isn't broken to be honest with you."

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