Frank Reich On Free Agency Additions, NFL Draft And More

Larra Overton, Jeffrey Gorman and Andrew Walker are back on this week's Colts Official Podcast.

0:00 – 6:27 Shout out to those workers in the front line dealing with the Coronavirus and Matt and Andrew both welcoming new children over the last week

6:27 – 18:21 Frank Reich talks about signing QB Philip Rivers

18:21 – 29:53 Frank Reich talks about trading the 13th Overall pick for DT DeForest Buckner

29:53 – 40:00 Frank Reich talks about signing CB Xavier Rhodes

41:12 – 48:58 Jeffrey, Larra and Andrew give the positions they anticipate the Colts addressing with their 2nd and 3rd Round Picks in the upcoming NFL draft

48:58 – 53:37 Who on the Colts team gets a step up chip heading into 2020?

53:37 – 57:13 The NFL will have an additional playoff team in 2020

57:13 – 1:02:33 Nickelodeon to hold separately produced telecast of playoff expansion game to appeal to a younger audience