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Will The Colts Offense Live Up To The "Hype" In 2015?

Intro: The Colts OTA portion of their offseason will begin on Tuesday. That means another look for offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton to see just what he has in an offense filled with weapons.





INDIANAPOLIS – Change is the norm.

Pep Hamilton's "go-to" message to the players in his offensive meeting room might never be more true than in 2015.

The reason is rather obvious.

Look up and down the rows of Hamilton's meeting room and the talent is abundant.

The change aspect of his message might come one week where Hamilton leans on his bountiful group of pass catchers to carve up yardage.

The next week, maybe it's Frank Gore's dependable legs carrying the Colts offense to another productive afternoon.

Skill guys certainly aren't lacking for Hamilton as the Colts have reached the halfway point of their offseason program.

"I would liken it to playing chess and replacing my pawns with bishops and knights," Hamilton says of the 2015 Colts offense.

"Honestly, I think it's a great opportunity for us to see if we can live up to the so called 'hype.' I think on paper we have guys that have a ton of field credibility, and they're well accomplished in the National Football League. But I do think there will be a time of just calibrating this group and clearly defining everybody's role on my behalf and then seeing if we can go out and score a lot of points."

That process will continue to evolve on Tuesday, when the Colts begin 10 OTA sessions over the next three weeks.

A mandatory mini-camp will follow June 9-11 as Hamilton gets one final look at his offense before Training Camp gets underway in August.

As Hamilton uses this time to explore possibilities throughout his skill group, he added one more "bishop" a few weeks back.

Phillip Dorsett is someone Hamilton says will "absolutely" play as a rookie, allowing the Colts to stretch the field with another weapon (joining T.Y. Hilton and Donte Moncrief).

"It was extremely exciting to say the least," a laughing Hamilton said upon Dorsett being taken with the 29th pick earlier this month.

"I immediately ran down to my office and ripped up some of my three tight end and six offensive linemen, one tight end/two wide receiver packages and said I need to rethink ways to get all of our weapons the ball."

What Hamilton is hoping this offensive makeup allows is for Andrew Luck to never feel limited in his route tree.

Whether it's T.Y. Hilton at option No. 1, or Dwayne Allen as progression No. 4, the outlets for Luck are endless in 2015.

"I don't know if we have anybody that's playing a skill position for us that shouldn't be able to win a one-on-one matchup," Hamilton said.

"That should be something that should help us get over that hump and defeat teams that like to play a lot of man coverage."

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