When Will The Colts Draft In 2017?

Intro: The Colts will have to wait until the Combine to know their exact draft position in 2017. They will either have the 14th or 15th overall pick in this year’s draft.


INDIANAPOLIS – A coin flip will decide the draft position for the Colts in 2017.

An 8-8 record and exact tiebreakers between the Colts and Vikings will force the teams into a coin flip to see who will draft where come April.

The Colts will either select 14th or 15th overall, depending on a coin flip that will take place during the 2017 NFL Combine in early March.

This year's draft will be from April 27-29 in Philadelphia. The draft will once again run Thursday-Saturday. Round 1 will take place on Thursday, Rounds 2-3 will run on Friday and Round 4-7 will commence on Saturday.

In 2017, the Colts will have their normal picks in the first six rounds (their 7th rounder was traded away to Cleveland for DL-Billy Winn last year). The Colts are also in line for a compensatory pick (or two) that has yet to be announced.

Since 1970, the Colts have been in the 14th or 15th spot of a draft just once in team history: 1996, 15th overall: DT-Ellis Johnson (Florida).

Since coming to Indianapolis, the Colts have chosen in the 11-20 range on six different occasions:

  • 1984: OG-Ron Solt (19th overall)
  • 1995: DL-Ellis Johnson (15th overall)
  • 1996: WR-Marvin Harrison (19th overall)
  • 1997: OT-Tarik Glenn (19th overall)
  • 2002: DE-Dwight Freeney (11th overall)
  • 2016: C-Ryan Kelly (18th overall)

The final 2017 draft order will come following the playoffs:

    1. Browns (1-15)
    1. 49ers (2-14)
    1. Bears (3-13)
    1. Jaguars (3-13)
    1. Titans via Rams (9-7)
    1. Jets (5-11)
    1. Chargers (5-11)
    1. Panthers (6-10)
    1. Bengals (6-9-1)
    1. Bills (7-9)
    1. Saints (7-9)
    1. Browns via Eagles (1-15)
    1. Cardinals (7-8-1)
  1. 14/15.Eagles via Vikings/Colts (7-9)
    1. Ravens (8-8)
    1. Redskins (8-7-1)
    1. Titans (9-7)
    1. Buccaneers (9-7)
    1. Broncos (9-7)

(Subject to playoffs)

    1. Lions (9-7)
    1. Dolphins (10-6)
    1. Giants (11-5)
    1. Raiders (12-4)
    1. Texans (9-7)
    1. Packers (10-6)
    1. Seahawks (10-5-1)
    1. Steelers (11-5)
    1. Falcons (11-5)
    1. Chiefs (12-4)
    1. Cowboys (13-3)
    1. Patriots (14-2)

Past No. 15 Picks

2016 (Browns): WR-Corey Coleman, Baylor

2015 (Chargers): RB-Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin

2014 (Steelers): LB-Ryan Shazier, Ohio State

2013 (Saints): S-Kenny Vaccaro, Texas

2012 (Seahawks): DE-Bruce Irvin, West Virginia

Past No. 14 Picks

2016 (Raiders): S-Karl Joseph, West Virginia

2015 (Dolphins): WR-DeVante Parker, Louisville

2014 (Bears): CB-Kyle Fuller, Virginia Tech

2013 (Panthers): DT-Star Lotulelei, Utah

2012 (Rams): DT-Michael Brockers, LSU

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