What To Watch For: Colts Vs. Bears

Intro: Each home week, Colts.com will catch up with the color announcer for that week’s game. What is FOX’s Troy Aikman going to be keeping an eye on when the Colts and Bears meet on Sunday afternoon?


INDIANAPOLIS – The No. 1 broadcast team for FOX will be inside of Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday for the Colts and Bears kicking off at 1:00 p.m.

Troy Aikman, a Pro Football Hall of Famer and a three-time Super Bowl champion, will provide the color commentary.

Sunday's 1:00 p.m. kickoff on FOX will include play-by-play man Joe Buck and Erin Andrews on the sideline.

On Friday, the FOX crew was at the Colts Complex for their production meetings with players and coaches.

How does Aikman view the Colts and Bears?

On his early impressions of the Colts offense:

"It's been inconsistent. Too many penalties. Too many dropped balls. Too many missed opportunities. And some of that is to be expected when you look at some of the changes that have taken place up front, certainly last week in starting so many rookies. It's what keeps teams from winning games. This league is close. There are not a lot of differences in these games, whether it's the Colts or any other team. There are a lot of one-possession games, and those mistakes and missed opportunities add up. They've been in the games, but you can say that about everybody. You've just got to win games."On if the Colts going up-tempo can cure the offensive struggles early in games:

"I think with some of the things that have happened up front, you have to be real careful about that. It sounds good. Part of being a good offense is about being able to dictate tempo. Sometimes that means speed things up. Sometimes that means slowing things down. To try and get into a hurry up style or a real up-tempo offense, especially with some young players up front, that's a challenge for them.

"I just think the big thing is, I watched last week's game and early on there were dropped passes on third downs and that's demoralizing for a team that is trying to get something going, for a team trying to get off to a fast start. And when you are struggling, and at the time 1-2, you come off the field and it's hard to have a lot of confidence. When they start talking about playing fast, I think that's the biggest thing, is to sustain some drives."On seeing any similarities between Emmitt Smith to Frank Gore:

"I do. And I've been a big fan of Frank's since he came into the league. He overcame some pretty devastating knee injuries to get into the league and he's as hard nosed and as tough of a guy as there is. I think their style is that they are not just this breakaway, speed guy, but they have great vision and they are tough. So I think there are a lot of similarities between he and Emmitt.

"I was surprised, to be quite honest with you, that (Gore) was in the top 10 (all-time rushing list) now. I knew he's had a heck of a career but he passed some pretty good names last week. I've always been a fan of his and the way he approaches it. If you talk to people who know him, he's pretty intense, serious about the game and you don't see that a lot. He's an old school player. I've kind of enjoyed following him over the years."On what clicked for the Bears in their 17-14 win last week over the Lions:

"They were able to get the running game going and they were able to strike some balance and not have so much pressure on their ability to throw the football. Then defensively, they held up better. The week before, the Cowboys rushed for almost 200 yards and (Chicago) got behind early. That was the biggest thing (against Detroit). They didn't get behind early, (they) ran the ball. The Detroit defense I know was the league's worst run defense going into that game. They are not a finished a product either, so I'm kind of curious to see how this game goes."On if he sees any game-plan differences with quarterbacks Jay Cutler and Brian Hoyer:

"Not really. I think Hoyer has a little bit more familiarity with the play caller. I know there's been a lot of discussion this week about the game plan being different or they've provided maybe a better game plan for Hoyer than they did for Cutler. I don't put much weight into any of that. (Hoyer) didn't turn the ball over and that's a pretty good recipe for winning games---if you don't turn the ball over and you run the ball efficiently. And they were able to do that last week."

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