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What Should The Colts Expect In London?

Intro: Since the NFL first started playing games overseas in 2007, the Colts knew their time would eventually come in London. What should the Colts expect from playing several time zones away?


INDIANAPOLIS – It's a debate virtually every NFL team has had over the past decade.

When the London game does fall on a team's schedule, how should the traveling logistics be handled?

In 2012, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher thought his bunch was more than prepared.

"We went over early. We did all the sleep studies. We did all the stuff you do on the airplane," Fisher said of their 2012 London trip to take on the Patriots. "Got over there, won the toss, took the ball (and) three plays later we were in the endzone. Up 7-0."

"When the game was over, we lost 51-7 against New England."

Talk about a long trip back to the States.

"It's a challenge," Fisher repeatedly says of playing in London.

The Jacksonville Jaguars should no longer have any lingering questions in how to handle a regular season game overseas.

October's contest with the Colts marks the fourth straight year the Jaguars have played in England.

Gene Frenette, who covers the Jaguars for the Florida Times-Union, says don't expect much of a road environment when the Colts take on the Jags on Oct. 2.

"They've built up a little bit of a brand," Frenette says of the Jags, "but it's not something you would tangibly notice if you were at the game.

"There were plenty of people rooting for Buffalo in the (2015 London game against Jacksonville) and just as many people rooting for Dallas and San Francisco the previous two years."

Jacksonville is 1-2 in London games, beating Buffalo last season after they switched up their travel plans.

"One of the things I would pay attention to if I was covering the Colts is when they make the decision to leave to go over to London," Frenette says.

"The Jaguars the first two years pretty much left on a Monday. Last year they left on a Thursday and they ended up winning. It will be interesting to see what schedule the Colts follow in terms of their travel itinerary."

Chuck Pagano mentioned earlier this offseason that leaving Thursday of London game week was a possible departure date.

Remember, the Colts will not have a bye week following their trip to London.

The staff elected to have their bye week deeper into the season, therefore allowing it to be at more of a convenient halfway point.

After playing Jacksonville on Oct. 2, the Colts will host the Bears on Sunday, Oct. 9. The team's bye week will come the week of Nov. 13 (Week 10).

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