USO Tour With Chuck Pagano, Andrew Luck, Dwayne Allen Return To United States

Intro: The USO Tour with Chuck Pagano, Andrew Luck and Dwayne Allen has returned to the United States. What did Luck think about the trip’s final stop?





INDIANAPOLIS – The USO Tour, with Chuck Pagano, Andrew Luck and Dwayne Allen on board, has returned to the United States.

The seven-country, eight-day tour made one final stop in Korea, which had a special significance for Luck.

During the Korean War, Luck's grandfather was a Marine Corps engineer.

Luck said that his grandfather and him spoke on several occasions about heading to Korea to conclude the trip.

Here's a Q & A Luck did with DoD News:

Q: How do you feel being here on the DMZ?

A: I think it's a great honor to be here first of all and very unique, I don't know when civilian people in my position ever have this opportunity.  So totally cool and it hits a personal note, my grandfather was out here for the Korean War an engineer in the Marine Corps helped build the first fifteen miles of the DMZ and was involved in some of the prisoner exchanges so he talked a lot about it before this trip gave me some great photos, a good book to read up on and a it's a bit surreal being here now.

Q: How does it feel being able to sit down and interact with the soldiers like this?

A: Yea, one sharing our appreciation for what they do not just here but all around the world and trying to get a snapshot of what life is like up here and what a daily routine is and work and what do you do socially talk about the sports they play they play on the weekends they go to Seoul, just how life is so for these great guys.

Q: How has it been so far here in Korea?

Yea, it's been great in Korea.  We landed in Osan very early in the morning, got a quick nap in then headed into Seoul did a little bit and came out here now.  A beautiful country the weather has cooperated incredibly well and again it's a thrill and an honor to be here its vey enriching from our perspective to come and talk to all the guys.

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