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Hey Colts fans, it’s Matt Bowen your Colts Team Photographer, and here is this week's Top Ten Photos.





Hey Colts fans, it's Matt Bowen  your Colts Team Photographer.

I will be posting my "Tuesday's Top 10" photo gallery to!  The photos galleries will always have a theme, ranging from game action to creative images around the Colts Complex!

Today's Top 10 photo gallery looks at the TUNNELS that the players encounter on game day, both home and away.  NFL stadiums are amazing massive works of architectural beauty!  Under every stadium hides a series of tunnels that make it possible for the players and staff to get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time (or longest if you take the wrong tunnel on the way to the bathroom, not that I've done that).  These tunnels range from small dark concrete passages deep underground to super cool inflatable horse heads that sit right on the field.  The tunnels provide a private place for the players to get fired up for the battle before they run out onto the field in front of 70,000 screaming fans!  I've tried to capture a range of tunnels in this photo gallery to give you a behind the scenes look at what the players experience on game day.  I love shooting the team in the tunnel right before they enter the field!  You can feel the focus and emotion that each player is bringing to the game.  You put all of that raw intensity in a small inflatable horse head and things are going to get crazy!  And if you get to caught up in the moment trying to create the perfect image, you might just get yourself run over, not that it's happened to me.

If you have a great theme idea for a "Tuesday's Top 10" photo gallery, please let me know!

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