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Through The Scout's Eye: Nyheim Hines

Indianapolis Colts area scout Jamie Moore provides an exclusive look into what he saw when he evaluated running back Nyheim Hines, the Colts’ fourth-round (104th-overall) pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.


INDIANAPOLIS —Jamie Moore, an area scout for the Indianapolis Colts who focuses on the Southeast Region, talked to reporters following the 2018 NFL Draft about what he saw in running back Nyheim Heins, the Colts' fourth-round (104th-overall) pick in this year's draft:


What did you see in Nyheim Hines? The speed? Does he have a set position?*

"No. It's cool, because the coaches have a real good, defined role of how they're going to utilize him, which was exciting because he can play running back, but he started out as a slot receiver. And he's also a bonafide kick returner. You know, he's got some work to do as a punt returner, but as a kick returner, the guy's got long home run speed — he's had three (return touchdowns) in his career — He's a weapon, you know? And it's cool that the coaches have a defined plan for him, how they're going to utilize him. So that what was what was exciting about that pick."

When you scout a guy like Hines who played receiver early on and then moved on to running back, is it hard to peg him where he would fit best in the NFL?

"Well I would say with Nyheim, obviously the most recent tape is at running back and kick returner, so you say, 'OK, he's a back. He's a back. But, now, what else can he do? Let's go back on his resumé; oh, OK, he's a big-time track athlete, so he knows how to run,' alright? So the more he can do, like, 'Hey, Coach Reich, how would you all use this guy?' 'Here's how we'd use him: boom, boom, boom, boom.' 'OK, that gives us clarity. OK, this could be a match here.'"

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