Through All The Secondary Change, Vontae Davis Remains The Constant

Intro: After arriving to Training Camp in Reggie Wayne-style, the Colts certainly need Vontae Davis to play like the man he was trying to mimic.


INDIANAPOLIS – If the swagger Vontae Davis had rolling into the 2017 Training Camp translates to his play this fall, Colts' fans are going to be very happy.

And Davis will be making himself some money, too.

Hopping out of a three-wheel, two-seat Slingshot vehicle over the weekend, Davis was trying to mimic-Reggie Wayne with his camp arrival.

"I wanted to roll up in style," Davis said after stepping out of the car.

"It's a new year, and everybody is excited. New players, a new defense, and everybody is optimistic. We are looking forward to the season, and everybody is ready to get to work."

This side of Davis is not something the public has seen too much in his five previous seasons with the Colts.

Unlike most No. 1 cornerbacks, Davis is much quieter in front of a camera.

But we heard a louder Davis this spring, as he enters a contract year at the age of 29.

A more vocal Davis is something the Colts need with all the turnover that has gone on throughout their defensive unit.

"I'm looking to have a big year myself," Davis said in the spring. "I think I'm the leader of that (secondary) and if I'm not playing well, I don't think anybody is going to play well. I've got to play my best ball all the time. That's the approach I'm taking.

"I'm raising the standard not only for the group, but for myself."

As Davis looks around the secondary room, he might be searching a while for some familiarity.

Last year's starters, sans Davis, have exited, or are injured (Clayton Geathers).

Darius Butler is no longer a corner, moving to a critical starting role at safety.

"We've got a lot of work to do, (with) a lot of young guys," Davis says of the newness. "Me playing in this system for a long time I've got the veteran experience to help these young guys. The defensive back group is going to look up to me and I'm looking to do whatever I can."

Individually, Davis has challenged himself here in 2017.

But he's also hearing it from his coaches, who have always preached what a high-caliber Davis means to the entire defense.

"He knows that one way or another, he's either going to get paid or not a year from now," defensive coordinator Ted Monachino says. "And the way he's going to get that done is by playing at a very high level and being a (No. 1 corner), and that's what our system requires. And he's all in on doing that."

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