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The Indiana Football Digest's 2014 Top Games Week Seven








GAME TIME: 7 pm CT, Fred Jones Field.

COACHES: Phil Mason, 65-19 in 7th year at Andrean, 98-56 in 14th year overall. Brad Stewart, 19-17 in 4th year at Kankakee Valley.

LAST OUTING: Andrean beat Highland, 54-0. Kankakee Valley beat North Judson, 41-13.

VS. COMMON FOES: Andrean 1-0, Kankakee Valley 1-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Andrean 14-16, Kankakee Valley 13-23.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Andrean, 11-1.

LAST MEETING: Andrean, 35-6, Oct. 4, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "Kankakee Valley is a big, physical region team. We have to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Our defense will need to be fast and physical to stop there ground game. On offense, we have to stay balanced, execute, and avoid the penalty bug." – Andrean coach Phil Mason.

"For us to defeat Andrean this Frida, we are going to need to handle the pressure of a big game against a number one ranked opponent and channel the emotion and prevent mistakes, such as turnovers and penalties. We must be able to control the clock and prevent the big plays. Slowing down Trevor Berg, Jamie Johnson, and Josh Barajas will be a big task, and we will need to be disciplined enough to execute our responsibilities. We are looking forward to a championship game that could go to the end." – Kankakee Valley coach Brad Stewart.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Greyhound Stadium.

COACHES: Mike Kirschner, 59-26 in 8th year at Ben Davis, 73-52 in 12th year overall. Kevin Wright, 47-9 in 5th year at Carmel, 181-63 in 21st year overall.

LAST OUTING: Ben Davis beat Lawrence North, 56-6. Carmel beat North Central (Indianapolis), 56-0.

VS. COMMON FOES: Ben Davis 3-0. Carmel 3-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Ben Davis 17-18, Carmel 8-22.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Ben Davis, 17-15.

LAST MEETING: Ben Davis, 28-24, Oct. 18, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "Carmel is very talented on offense and very quick on defense. We are going to have to control the ball and keep the tempo in our advantage. This will be a good test on how we handle the next big game on the road." Ben Davis coach Mike Kirschner.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Guerin Catholic Field.

COACHES: Mic Roessler, 15-6 in 2nd year at Brebeuf Jesuit. Tom Dilley, 4-2 in 1st year at Guerin Catholic, 84-79 in 15th year overall.

LAST OUTING: Brebeuf Jesuit lost to Indianapolis Roncalli, 21-17. Guerin Catholic beat Greenwood, 42-21.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Brebeuf Jesuit 19-17, Guerin Catholic 20-16.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Brebeuf Jesuit, 7-2.

LAST MEETING: Brebeuf Jesuit, 38-17, Nov. 15, 2013, regional.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We need to learn how to play great opponents without making mistakes. Offensive drive stoppers and allowing big plays has been the difference. We have to look to build off of these lessons and focus on a better game Friday night." – Brebeuf coach Mic Roessler.

'In order to be successful against Brebeuf this Friday, we must control the line of scrimmage and take care of the football. In addition, we must play with great leverage on defense and run to the ball. We must take great pursuit angles and gang tackle. Above all, we must control what we are able to control, play selflessly, and execute." – Guerin Catholic coach Tom Dilley.


GAME TIME: 7 pm CT, Ray Gallivan Stadium.

COACHES: Ivan Zimmer, 60-110 in 17th year at Calumet, 134-179 in 31st year overall. Jeff Cain, 147-74 in 21st year at Whiting.

LAST OUTING: Calumet beat Lake Station, 45-30. Whiting beat Hanover Central, 34-7.

VS. COMMON FOES: Calumet 3-0, Whiting 3-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Calumet 9-27, Whiting 17-19.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Whiting, 17-4.

LAST MEETING: Whiting, 41-22, Oct. 4, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We will beat Whiting by controlling their super running back, Ethan Young, keeping their sophomore quarterback (Stuart Glascow) off-balance, and having solid special team play. Our team focus will be much better than last week. The players have recommitted to the task at hand. The community and school are pumped, I have never seen anything like it. What a positive experience for all associated with Calumet New Tech football." – Calumet coach Ivan Zimmer.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Corydon Central Field.

COACHES: Darin Ward, 5-1 in 1st year at Charlestown, 65-28 in 9th year overall. Mike Spencer, 5-1 in 1st year at Corydon Central, 211-100 in 27th year overall.

LAST OUTING: Charlestown beat Salem, 40-8. Corydon Central beat Paoli, 36-15.

VS. COMMON FOES: Charlestown 3-0, Corydon Central 3-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Charlestown 19-15, Corydon Central 15-19.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Charlestown, 24-9.

LAST MEETING: Charlestown, 28-7, Oct. 25, 2013, sectional.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We must be successful on both sides of the ball on first down and win third down against Corydon Central." – Charlestown coach Darin Ward.

"Charlestown is a very solid team. We will need to find ways to neutralize size and contain their speed." – Corydon Central coach Mike Spencer.


GAME TIME: 7 pm CT, Burial Grounds.

COACHES: Mark Peterson, 8-9 in 2nd year at Chesterton, 43-38 in 8th year overall. Brett St. Germain, 32-17 in 5th year at Lake Central, 82-29 in 10th year overall.

LAST OUTING: Chesterton beat Portage, 25-7. Lake Central beat Michigan City, 35-29.

VS. COMMON FOES: Chesterton 3-1, Lake Central 3-1.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Chesterton 16-19, Lake Central 17-19.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Chesterton, 8-4.

LAST MEETING: Lake Central, 14-13, Oct. 4, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "Chesterton is a team that is playing with a lot of confidence right now by winning four straight games after starting off 0-2. We have been fortunate to win the past few weeks, even though I feel that teams are outplaying us. We have to play with much more energy and excitement if we are going to continue our winning ways." – Lake Central coach Brett St. Germain.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Lawrence North H.S.

COACHES: Chris Svarczkopf, 131-37 in 13th year at Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger. Rick Streiff, 191-61 in 20th year at Indianapolis Cathedral, 212-93 in 25th year overall.

LAST OUTING: Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger lost to Fort Wayne Wayne, 28-14. Indianapolis Cathedral lost to Louisville Trinity (Ky.), 31-19.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger 11-19, Indianapolis Cathedral 16-2.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Indianapolis Cathedral, 5-1.

LAST MEETING: Indianapolis Cathedral, 47-30, Oct. 4, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We must control the line of scrimmage, do our assignments against their option game, and get out to a fast start." – Cathedral coach Rick Streiff.


GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET, Raider Field.

COACHES: Todd Wilkerson, 12-14 in 3rd year at Heritage Hills. Scott Buening, 15-4 in 2nd year at Southridge, 27-32 in 6th year overall.

LAST OUTING: Heritage Hills beat Gibson Southern, 38-33. Southridge beat Tell City, 17-6.

VS. COMMON FOES: Heritage Hills 2-1, Southridge 2-1.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Heritage Hills 17-19, Southridge 17-19.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Heritage Hills, 25-6.

LAST MEETING: Southridge, 34-8, Oct. 4, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We have to be physical and disciplined on defense. Southridge does a great job of grinding out yardage and moving the chains. We need to have a great defensive effort." – Heritage Hills coach Todd Wilkerson.

"Heritage Hills has a tremendous football team. They are big up front and have excellent skilled players to go compliment them. They are coming off a big win against Gibson Southern. The key to the game for us Friday is to keep their wide receivers in check and at the very least, make them earn each completion and every point they score. Offensively, we need to find a way to sustain and finish drives which is tough because of their balance on both sides of the ball." – Southridge coach Scott Buening.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Charger Field.

COACHES: Chad Zolman, 90-26 in 11th year at Homestead. Doug Dinan, 38-16 in 5th year at Carroll (Fort Wayne).

LAST OUTING: Homestead beat DeKalb, 29-17. Carroll (Fort Wayne) beat Bellmont, 45-17.

VS. COMMON FOES: Homestead 2-1, Carroll (Fort Wayne) 3-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Homestead 15-21, Carroll (Fort Wayne) 16-20.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Homestead, 24-5.

LAST MEETING: Carroll (Fort Wayne), 49-7, Oct. 25, 2013, sectional.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We are going to have to play our best game to be successful against Carroll. Offensively, we have got to make the most of each possession against a very aggressive, sound defense. Defensively, we have to keep their receiving corps in front of us and tackle ball carriers in groups. They have an excellent offensive line and a very good backfield. This is one of those games that you circle each year looking forward to the opportunity to test yourself against an outstanding team." – Homestead coach Chad Zolman.

"We will have to be sound defensively, defending the pass and the run versus Homestead's prolific offense. We must control the line of scrimmages on both side of the ball. Offensively, we must take care of the football, be productive in the red zone, and effectively run the football." – Carroll coach Doug Dinan.


GAME TIME: 6:30 pm CT, Amzie Miller Field.

COACHES: Dave Sharpe, 10-8 in 2nd year at John Glenn. Russ Radtke, 26-4 in 3rd year at New Prairie, 316-124 in 38th year overall.

LAST OUTING: John Glenn beat Culver Academy, 48-7. New Prairie beat Triton, 48-6.

VS. COMMON FOES: John Glenn 1-1, New Prairie 2-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: John Glenn 14-22, New Prairie 17-19.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: New Prairie, 19-12.

LAST MEETING: New Prairie, 56-0, Oct. 4, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "Coach Sharpe is doing a great job down at Glenn. He has the Falcons playing very well. For the Cougars to be successful on Friday, we must continue to allow our offense to control the speed of the game and limit our mistakes defensivel. We need to create turnovers by playing aggressive/intelligent Cougar football." – New Prairie coach Russ Radtke.

LEO (4-2) AT WOODLAN (5-1)

GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Leland Etzler Field.

COACHES: Jared Sauder, 72-24 in 9th year at Leo. Sherwood Haydock, 17-21 in 4th year at Woodlan, 150-140 in 27th year overall.

LAST OUTING: Leo beat Heritage, 32-14. Woodlan beat Jay County, 34-7.

VS. COMMON FOES: Leo 1-0, Woodlan 0-1.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Leo 16-20, Woodlan 13-23.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Woodlan, 21-11.

LAST MEETING: Leo, 14-7, Oct. 4, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "Leo is going to a tough game. However, the past 2 years we have played them very well. Two years ago, they beat us by five points and last year by seven points. Our kids play them tough. We might have enough to beat them this year. It will be the last meeting for awhile as they are going to a new conference next year. They are our arch rivals. They are very solid everywhere. If we can do what we have been doing, we will be okay and make the game close. Right now, we have only turned the ball over a total of five times and have run the ball very, very well. One of our backs, 6-foot-2, 240-pound junior Mitchell VanBrocklin, is a best with 963 yards rushing, and the other, senior Shawn Kitzmiller, has 613 yards. They share the running back duties, so our one back has 1,576 yards. Our defense is average, but we have a great punter and a great field goal kicker. We don't throw it much, but I have a freshman receiver, Trevon McCarter, that has big time speed and averages 35 yards a catch for seven catches. We need to control the clock and stay close so we have a chance to win it in the fourth quarter. This has worked for us the past two years without the winning part." – Woodlan coach Sherwood Haydock.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Rockville field.

COACHES: Brian Crabtree, 28-2 in 3rd year at North Vermillion, 63-41 in 10th year overall. Herb King, 96-48 in 13th year at Rockville, 154-104 in 24th year overall.

LAST OUTING: North Vermillion beat Attica, 48-13. Rockville beat South Vermillion, 54-14.

VS. COMMON FOES: North Vermillion 4-0, Rockville 3-1.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: North Vermillion 14-22, Rockville 14-22.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Rockville, 25-15.

LAST MEETING: North Vermillion, 27-6, Oct. 25, 2013, sectional.


GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET, Jake Field.

COACHES: John Barron, 83-33 in 11th year at Plymouth. Tim Dawson, 182-107 in 26th year at Concord.

LAST OUTING: Plymouth beat Wawasee, 32-7. Concord beat Jimtown, 37-7.

VS. COMMON FOES: Plymouth 2-0, Concord 2-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Plymouth 20-16, Concord 11-25.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Plymouth, 20-15.

LAST MEETING: Plymouth, 42-39, Oct. 4, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "For us to win at Jake Field, we will need to take care of the football, do what we do, and contain their explosive offense. We are very grateful to have this opportunity, to play the number one ranked team in (Class) 5A, and stay in the hunt to win the Northern Lakes Conference championship. This will not be easy. They are ranked number one for a reason. It has been Concord or Plymouth the past 10 years as far as determining the NLC champion, so both programs know what it takes to win it all. This is truly a great matchup and great for Northern Indiana football." – Plymouth coach John Barron.

"They are a very well coached team in all three phases of the game! They play hard and physical! I know our players will also play hard! They have had some turnovers in past games and the opponent has not cashed in. That will be a major key if we get some turnovers and are able to turn them into points! We also do not want to turn the ball over ourselves. Looks like Cullen Fisher, our quarterback who sprained his ankle in the Jimtown game, will be out this week. Another key for us will be the play of our backup quarterback Jason Grooms, who did a tremendous job last week." – Concord coach Tim Dawson.


GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET, Bob Clements Field.

COACHES: Bill Peebles, 51-50 in 10th year at Southport. Tim Herrin, 7-9 in 2nd year at Terre Haute South.

LAST OUTING: Southport beat Franklin Central, 26-20. Terre Haute South lost to Bloomington South, 53-35.

VS. COMMON FOES: Southport 3-0, Terre Haute South 2-1.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Southport 17-19, Terre Haute South 17-19.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Southport, 2-0.

LAST MEETING: Southport, 34-7, Oct. 4, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We have to make sure we are sound in all three areas of the game to win. Terre Haute South is an explosive team. We will need to win in all three phases to be successful." – Southport coach Bill Peebles.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Tri-West Field.

COACHES: Justin Pelley, 13-4 in 2nd year at Western Boone. Chris Coll, 53-37 in 9th year at Tri-West.

LAST OUTING: Western Boone beat Southmont, 54-22. Tri-West beat Frankfort, 61-7.

VS. COMMON FOES: Western Boone 2-0, Tri-West 2-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Western Boone 14-22, Tri-West 17-19.

SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Tri-West, 14-7.

LAST MEETING: Tri-West, 28-20, Oct. 4, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "Friday is a big game for both schools. In order to win, we MUST keep their wide receivers in front of us and get pressure on their quarterback. As always, turnovers will be a key in a game of this magnitude and scoring touchdowns in the red zone will be critical. We are excited for the opportunity and anxious for Friday night to arrive." – Western Boone coach Justin Pelley.

"Our defensive front has to be able to defend their fullback Zach Martin, and our entire defense has to keep (quarterback) Riggs Baxter from making big plays. Our offense must be efficient with the ball. They have to take advantage of scoring opportunities, as well as not put our defense in a bad position. The same goes for special teams. They need to help us with field position and not give up a big play or extra yardage in the kickoff and punt game." – Tri-West coach Chris Coll.

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