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That Time Adam West Predicted A Huge Colts Victory

Intro: Adam West, best-known for his role as “Batman” in the 1960s TV series, passed away Friday at 88. We take a look back at the actor’s skills as an NFL prognosticator, particularly when it came to the Indianapolis Colts.


INDIANAPOLIS — In early 2007, despite the fact that the Indianapolis Colts were seven-point favorites over the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI — a figure still tied for the third-most lopsided title game line since 2000 — there certainly wasn't a general consensus among fans outside of the Circle City that Peyton Manning and Co. had this title in the bag.

Sure, the Colts that year had managed a 12-win regular season and the AFC South Division title, but they had done so with an at-times shaky defense, particularly against the run, as Indy allowed 5.33 yards per rush — a figure that ranked seventh-worst in NFL history.

The Bears, meanwhile, had a middle-of-the-road offense that season, but their defense was a different story. Many felt the Chicago defense, which was enjoying perhaps its best overall year since its all-time-great 1985 season, would give Manning enough fits to pull off an upset victory.

So if asked to predict the outcome of this game, it might be pretty tough, right?

Well, it wasn't that difficult for 71 out of 100 celebrities who participated in the Scripps Howard Celebrity Super Bowl Poll that year; they picked the Colts to come out on top, and would be proven correct after the team flew home as world champions with a 29-17 victory.

One of those celebs who was accurate in their prediction was none other than Adam West, who was, of course, best known for his role as "Batman" in the 1960s TV series. West had since taken on many, many other roles, and most recently gained notoriety from an entirely new generation for voicing the crackpot character Mayor Adam West on the animated TV series "Family Guy."

West on Friday passed away at the age of 88, so we decided to take a look back at his NFL prognostication skills, particularly when it came to the Colts.

Here's what West had to say about how he saw that Colts-Bears matchup playing out:

"I feel like Aaron Moorehead's dad, Emery. He played for the Bears you know, and Aaron is a Colts receiver. I'm kinda torn. But I feel its gotta be Peyton Manning's turn. 28-24."

Obviously, West had done his homework on the matchup. And his final score prediction wasn't too far off, either.

That wasn't the only time West had been asked his Super Bowl prediction by Scripps Howard, however. In records immediately available, uncovered six other years in which he offered his projection; his record was 2-4 in those contests. Here are the details from those games:

• Super Bowl XXXV (New York Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens; Jan. 28, 2001): "My money would go with the Giants. I'm a fan of Gotham City. I don't think it will be a blowout. Let's say, 17-10." (The Ravens would win, 34-7.)

• Super Bowl XXXVI (St. Louis Rams vs. New England Patriots; Feb. 3, 2002): "I know I'm swimming against the tide, but I pick New England by 3. Because of the odds I've got a better chance to win a little money. Also in times like these, I just like the name Patriots." (The Patriots would win, 20-17.)

• Super Bowl XLI (Chicago Bears vs. Indianapolis Colts; Feb. 4, 2007): "Colts, 28-24. I feel like Aaron Moorehead's dad, Emery. He played for the Bears you know, and Aaron is a Colts receiver. I'm kinda torn. But I feel its gotta be Peyton Manning's turn. 28-24." (The Colts would win, 29-17.)

• Super Bowl XLIII (Arizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers; Feb. 1, 2009): "Arizona, 24-17. The Arizona coaches may be inspired by vengeance, warranted or not. They may feel enough insulted by a previous perceived slight by Pitt top dogs to have a real, contagious fire in their respective bellies." (The Steelers would win, 27-23.)

• Super Bowl XLVI (New York Giants vs. New England Patriots; Feb. 5, 2012): "New England, 21-17. It will be close and wrenching. Brady is on a record-breaking super roll. If his offensive line can keep up (its) great protection abilities, we know somebody's pattern and luck downfield could pile up points." (The Giants would win, 21-17.)

• Super Bowl XLVII (San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens; Feb. 3, 2013): "49ers, 24-21. This may be West Coast wishful thinking, but I think it'll finish 24 to 21 in favor of the Niners. But they've gotta get down and dirtier this game. The Ravens will. San Francisco's QB is looking gruesomely good. Protect that pocket." (The Ravens would win, 34-31.)

West apparently wasn't asked his opinion, however, when the Colts returned to the Super Bowl in the 2009 season to take on the New Orleans Saints, which the bad guys ended up winning, 31-17.

But his confidence in the Horseshoe four years prior is certainly acknowledged, as is the life and career of one of the great actors and humorists of our time.

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